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you go to nba ledgends and find MJ then you do the challenge to beat the neworleans hornets than you get the Chicago Bulls with michale jordan

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โˆ™ 2012-07-07 12:47:20
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Q: How do you get michale Jordan in 2k12?
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Why is michale Jordan white?

Michale Jordan is not White, he is Black.

Why does Michale Jackson die?

Michale jordan died because he had drugs and died :(

How do you get team Jordan in 2K12?

be good

How do you get endorsed by Jordan in NBA 2k12?

Jordan sends you a letter

Why did michale Jordan retirer?

he was gettin old

What was Michael Jordan weight when he was born?

michale jordan was 7 lbs. when he was born

Is Jordan fake?

Well michale Jordan is not hes reel. but jorden is real!!!!!!!!

Who is the highest payed basketball player?

michale Jordan

When Was Michale Jordan's Birthday?

February 17, 1963

How much do Jordan shoes make a year?

michale jordan makes 2.5million dollors

Can you play as Michael Jordan in nba 2k12?

yes you can

Why did michale Jordan choose number 23?

Because he wanted to.

How many michale Jordan shoes are there in the world?

OVER 9000

When did michale Jordan retired?

he ritired in 200 and went with the mavericks

What year was michale Jordan born in?

Michale Jordan was never born, he hatched. He hatched in 1927. His shells can be viewed in the Basket Hall of Fame in East India. Michale is the son of Sarah Palin of Turkey, and Sir Elton John of England.

Was Michale Jordan was the first black man to play in the NBA?

yes he was

Who are the best NBA 2k12 players?

Michael Jordan and LeBron James

What does michale Jordan eat before playing basketball?

A healthy and balanced meal

Who is the best players of the ncca compete?

i don't know but i think it is Michale Jordan

Was Michael Jordan born into a rich faamily?

Michale Jordan's father, James R. Jordan Sr. was in the army when Michale was growing up; so while they were not poor they were rich either. After retiring from the army James Jordan became a successful businessman; but by this time Michael was already an NBA star.

How many nba championships has mICHALE JORDan won?

Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA Championships.

Who is going to be on the cover of nba 2k12?

Earvin Johnson Larry Bird and Michael Jordan

How old is michale Jordan?

if you meant MICHAEL jordan then he is 48 but his age might change over the years so.......... this was made on August 21, 2011.

What is the bsketaball player MJ's real name?

The basketball player MJ's real name is Michale Jordan

Why cant you create your own signature Jordan shoe in NBA 2k12 and it will not let me view the endorsement?

If it wont let you then you cant create your own jordan shoe.