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buy them on ebay

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Q: How do you get limited editions in Match Attex?
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How many limited editions cards in Match Attex euro 2012?

8 limited editions and 7 are English and 1 is portugal

How many Match Attex limited editions are there?

They're 6 in normal MATCH ATTAX 2010/2011 and 7 in MATCH ATTAX EXTRA 2011.

Who are the Match Attex extra limited editions?

In 2011 MATCH ATTAX EXTRA they are Van persie,Lampard,Arteta,Cole,Hart,Giggs and van der vaart.

How can i find Match Attex 09 limited editions?

Keep checking the official website and wait for the announcement or you can buy the cards individually on this website:

Will there be anymore limited edition Match Attex cards coming out?

In Match Attax Extra 2008/2009 the limited editions are: Dimitar Berbatov Craig Bellamy Emile Heskey El-hadji Diouf Carlo Cudicini

What is the rarest Match Attex?

There were a load of Limited Editions accidently released in 08/09. David Dunn Ryan Giggs Zoltan Gera Geovanni and a load more :)

In Match Attex what number is Tim cahill limited edition?


How do you get Gary Linekar limited edition in Match Attex?

luck or eBay ha

Is a Frank Lampard limited edition Match Attex card rare?

no you get it in the tin

How many limited addition Match Attex cards are there?

There are 13 limited edition cards all together

Is limited edition possible to get in Match Attex or Match Attex extra?

well....there are 5 different limited edition cards in extra and 12 in match attax. if u buy some thing special like: * stater pack * the tin * match of the day magazine you probely will get them

How do you get a limited edition signed in a packet of Match Attex?

get more than 20 packets

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