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Q: How do you get faster in soccer?
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How do you kick a soccer ball faster?

Move your leg faster

When a soccer ball is kicked which accelerates faster the soccer ball or the foot?

The two will relatively travel the same speed, although the soccer ball may travel slightly faster do to its weight and size. So therefore the soccer ball will accelerate faster.

Who is faster in soccer?

cristiano ronaldo

What is faster a soccer ball or a cheeter?

i think a cheater is faster than anything ....

How do you run faster in a soccer game?

move you legs faster , and pump those arms .

What is faster football or soccer?

soccer beacuse its the best sport in the world, and mid fielders run a lot.

How does momentum apply to soccer?

Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field so it speeds up and goes faster.

What falls faster a tennis ball or soccer ball?

A tennis ball is fuzzy, has more drag, and falls slower. A soccer ball is smooth, has less drag, and falls faster.

Which can fall faster a pillow or a soccer ball?

a piece of pie

Who is faster a soccer player or football player?

They are both the same.

Is soccer a faster sport than rugby?

Both sports are very fast. It is a toss up as to which is faster.

Which can fall faster a soccer ball or golf ball?

golf ball