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You get the boxing collection by doing jobs under the Soldier job tier or you can get some of your mafia members to send the parts that you are missing to you as a gift.

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Q: How do you get boxing collection on Mafia Wars?
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How do you get boxing loot in Mafia Wars?

Boxing Collection items will drop in the Soldier Job Tier..

What do you get for vaulting the boxing items in Mafia Wars?

Vaulting the boxing collection will give you 3 attack points.

How do you get heavy bag on Mafia Wars?

the heavy bag is one of the boxing collection. it is a loot drop..done on the SOLDIER job tier.

How do you obtain boxing trunks in Mafia Wars?

Mafia Wars is a game made by Zynga. To obtain boxing trunks, you have to do jobs in the soldier tier in New York.

Where do you get barber collection in Mafia Wars?

You have to do the Capo jobs

What collections are there in Mafia Wars?

Diamond Flush Collection Heart Flush Collection Sculptures Collection Poker Chips Collection Club Flush Collection Boxing Collection Cigars Collection Spade Flush Collection Billiards Collection Rings Collection Ties Collection Paintings Collection Great Race Horses Collection

How many of each collection can you get in Mafia Wars?

Just one of each collection.

Why dont you have cuff links barbershop or great race horses in Mafia Wars?

they DO. the barber collection....the horse collection....and the cufflinks as well....all loot drops. on TAGGED mafia wars.

Which job gets you boxing gloves in Zynga Mafia Wars?

Any of the jobs in the Soldier tier can potentially drop the Boxing Collection, Gloves item. The drop is random. One item may be dropped on completing a job, from memory the drop rate appears to be around 1 in 5, but this varies considerably. Any item from the Boxing Collection, Sculptures Collection, Poker Chips Collection or the Club Flush Collection may be dropped.

What jobs do i do to get the barber shop collection on Mafia Wars?

capo jobs

What do you get when you vault the daily chance in Mafia Wars?

When you vault the Daily Chance Collection in Mafia Wars, you get a 10% increase of loot drops when doing jobs.

What do cigars on Mafia Wars do?

Cigars, Rings, Paintings, poker chips, and Sculptures are a new feature on Mafia Wars. They are part of a collection. If you collect all seven of one category then you can add your collection to the vault.