How do you get a license to sell NFL clothing?

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probably contacting the NFL would be the best start.

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Q: How do you get a license to sell NFL clothing?
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How do you get a license to sell major sports clothing?

How and where do you apply for a license to sell retail sports clothing?

How do you get a license to sell name brand clothing?

Hi This Is Fuhad me looking for license

What stores sell NFL slippers?

There are many stores that sell NFL slippers. NFL teams sell merchandise in their stadiums and in sports clothing stores. You can also find them at FansEdge, amazon,Walmart and Hayneedle to name a few.

Can a person sell homemade hand painted nfl logo's on products legally?

Not without a license from the NFL or the team itself.

Can you sell overseas purhcased NFL jerseys on Sundays on a street corner close to an NFL Stadium if you have a vendors license or can you get in trouble by the NFL for not purchasing them frm the NFL?

i dont think you would get in trouble, but dont go telling people that they are not liscensed by the NFL

When will the NFL exclusive license expire?

The license was extended an additional year due to the NFL lockout. The license expires at the end of 2013

Do you have to have a license to sell mullet?

No you don't need a license to sell mullet.

Do you need a selling license to sell clothes in MN?

It depends on where you are selling the clothing as to whether or not you require a license. If you are selling at a simple yard sale, you do not require any special license or documentation. However if you are selling clothing at any type of vendor event or in an actual storefront setting you are required to obtain either a vendor license or an actual small business license including a federal tax id #.

What are clothing stores?

Clothing stores are stores that sell clothing

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No, you do not need a business license to sell Tupperware.

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No. You cannot sell your clothing in Poptropica. If you buy it from the Store then you will have it forever.

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Though you do not need a license to specifically sell diamonds you do need a jewelers license to sell diamonds. If you want to sell diamonds it will require you to fill out applications for a jewelers license once you have completed that you are eligible to sell diamonds.

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