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Answer: You beat bouser or you chuck from full court at the buzzer and use turtle. But if you do if wrong then You get a silver or bronze):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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Q: How do you get a gold cup in Mario slam basketball?
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In Mario Slam Basketball how do you unlock Moogle?

To unlock Moogle you have to get the silver trophy in the easiest form of the star cup

How do you get 100cc leaf cup on Mario Kart?

You have to get Gold in Shell Cup and Banana Cup to get it.

How do you get rob on Mario Kart?

To unlock R.O.B. on Mario Kart you have to get gold on 150cc mirror Star cup and Lightning cup

How do you get cactuar in Mario hoops 3 on 3?

get gold cup on flower cup on hard

How do you win Diddy Kong on Mario Kart?

get the gold cup in 50cc lighting cup.

How do you get black mage Mario hoops 3 on 3?

get gold cup in rainbow cup on hard

How do you get the leaf cup in Mario Kart?

By getting a gold tropie in all the races in banana and shell cup .

How do you get a gold cup in Mario Kart ds?

Win a grand prix

Are there cheats to getting gold in Mario cart Wii lightning cup?


How do you unlock gold kart on Mario kart 7?

50cc mushroom cup

How do you get the gold on Mario kart SNES 150cc special cup?

Practice on the 100 cc

Mario hoops gold cup?

Win every match by 200 points or more.

How do you unlock shy guy in Mario kart 7?

get gold in 150cc lighting cup

How do you get queen bee and wiggler in Mario kart 7?

To unlock Honey Queen, get a gold trophy in 150cc Banana cup. To unlock Wigger, get a gold trophy in 150cc Leaf Cup.

How do you unlock waluigi in Mario Kart ds?

beat all 100cc retro cups (shell cup, banana cup, leaf cup, and lightning cup) with all gold trophies

How do you get to mirror mode on Mario Kart wii?

Get a Gold trophee in every cup on every difficulty.

How do you unlock dry bones in mario cart wii?

Win gold in the Leaf Cup on 100cc

How do you unlock the cups on Mario Kart Wii?

Star cup: get trophies on mushroom cup and flower cup Special cup: get a trophy on star cup Leaf cup:Get trophies on shell cup and banana cup lightning cup: Get a trophy on leaf cup and they don't have to be gold

How do you get waluigi on Mario Kart ds?

Get a gold trophy in all of the 100cc Retro cups. To get a gold trophy, you have to get first place in every race of a cup.

On Mario kart Wii how do you get gold in the lightning cup?

you just have to get 1st 2nd or 3rd in every race

How do you unlock dry bomber in Mario kart ds?

Get a Gold Cup in every Nitro Cups in 100cc

How do you get mirror mode in Mario kart double dash?

If you are trying to get Mirror Mode for one specific cup you have to beat the cup on 150cc (get a gold trophy) and you will unlock it.

How do you unlock Mario Kart characters on GameCube?

you need to win all the gold trophy's in 50cc 100cc 150cc and mirror mode in all mushroom cup flower cup star cup special cup and all cup tour.

When you are done with mirror on Mario Kart what do you do?

you try to get gold on every cup on every prix to unlock all the carts

Can you unlock ROB for Mario Kart for the Wii?

yes you can unlock R.O.B by beating gold crown cup on mirror