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Don't ever change who you are! You aren't a jock, never will be, and that's A-OK. In fact, you're most women's dream ... women complain about their boyfriends or husbands watching too many sports. Since you are trying to impress this young woman, I suggest you pay attention to what sports she likes, and if she's into Basketball, etc., then get a couple of tickets to a good basketball game. She doesn't have to be active in it to enjoy it. You may even get interested in it and really enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to let her know that you know little about sports and ask her the odd question while the game is going on. If you really want to do your homework go on and type in: Understanding the game of _______________. Just put the name of the sport she's into. At least this way you'll know what are the popular teams, how the game is played (to some degree) and will feel more confident in yourself. If there aren't any games on in the sports she likes or you simply can't afford it, then ask her out on a date (after you do some homework on the sports she's interested in) and ask her about herself and her love of sports. Just because a young woman is into sports doesn't mean her mate has to be as well, but later, if you are dating on a more steady basis you can be half interested and still let her have her interests and you have yours. Good luck (I'm sure you won't need it) Marcy

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Q: How do you get a girl to notice you when she is really into sports and you are not and she only goes out with guys who are in sports?
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