How do you get a foul on running event like 100m?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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You false start (Start running before they shoot the gun), you intercept someone else running, you push/shove/hit/kick/trip/etc. anyone, or you go out of your lane for more than 3 steps.

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Q: How do you get a foul on running event like 100m?
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What events are ran in indoor track meets?

It depends on what the indoor track meet is at. If it is at a highschool then there probably won't be much room to do much stuff like the 100M or anything above unless they have you run laps to have it count...but if the track meet is inside like a stadium or a work out place then I am sure you would be able to run the 100M 200M 400M 800M 1600M and the mile. But don't ask me if I am correct because this is only what I think.

How fast can Jason Robinson run the 100m in?

As a 100m runner i think we can do something like 6.8 on the 60 but not less then 11 on 100m!

Rules of 100m sprint?

I like trains

How you decide the winner in 100m running?

If it is clear then you can see for yourself if not then it will be down to a Radar triggered photo. Bit like speed cameras for cars. But for runners instead.

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Who is the fastest man to do 100m in the world and what time did he do it in?

Bolt has the record like 9.84 or sometning like that

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