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if your ball gets in a hole you need to get a Doctor Who can take it out of it...just make sure that u are okay with people watching you

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Q: How do you get a ball out of the hole without damaging the ball the pipe or yourself?
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How can you safely clean an old rusty flute without damaging it?

you can use a stick with a hole in it and then get a clothe and push it in and out

How do you fill air in soccer ball without a pump?

Blow inside the ball through the hole!

What is a best ball tournament?

When each hole you take the best individual score from yourself or one of your teammates.

What is a cup and ball in Victorian times?

A cup and ball is a wooden cup with a ball attached by string you could to get one yourself for free! By getting a plastic cup punch a hole in it, then tie some string through the hole, then get a elastic band ball smaller than the cup, then tie the string through one of the elastic bands and now you have yourself your own cup and ball.

What is a small ball with a hole in the middle?

A small ball with a hole in the middle is probably a Bead.

Does a golfer have to remove their ball from the hole before another golfer can putt to that hole?

Yes... It is a rule... Having another golfers ball in the hole might prevent the other ball to go in the hole..

Are you allowed to hit your opponents ball while putting in match play without penalty?

Only if you were off the green when your ball hit your opponents ball. If you were on the green and you hit their ball then in matchplay the penalty is loss of the hole.

Can you change a golf ball on a hole?

No, the ball you start a hole with is the ball you finish the hole with. Unless it is visibly cut or out of shape, in this case you may replace the ball (if agreed with official or playing partner) for the same brand and model of ball. You can change your ball before you start a new hole, but never during play.

What is scoring on chipped ball knocking ball on green in hole?

The ball must be removed from the hole and placed in its previous spot. No penalty.

Can you tee off with one ball and then switch balls on the fairway?

No, the ball you start the hole with is the hole you finish the hole with - unless of course you lose it.

What is hole out in golf?

Hole out is simply finishing a hole of golf, obviously by putting the ball in the hole.

How do you beat round the bent in clickplay 2?

You have to get the golf ball in the hole without cutting across the bends. Just tap the ball as close to the bend as you can get. Good luck :)

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