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A save is when a pitcher comes in at the end of the game and keeps the losing team 3 runs less than the team he is pitching for.

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get the remaining out of the game, with no more than a 3 run lead and/or having at least the tying run on deck, to conserve the win


pitch the final 3 innings (at least 9 official outs) of the win


requirements for a pitcher to record an official save are:

- pitcher must enter the game while their team is winning, past the "official inning of record", this varies by league -- MLB this is the 5th inning (so must enter in 6th or after)

- tying run must be on base, at bat, on deck, or "in the hole" when you enter the game

- your team must win the game, without losing the lead, and you record the final out of the game

if you do the above then you record a save

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Q: How do you get a Save in pitching?
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