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The brake setup varies depending on the model of the bike (i.e. what year it was produced in) however it is usually just a standard brake setup... When looking at the handlebars you will see the brake lever (the one you pull to apply the brakes) the rear one is located on the left hand side. Attached to this will be a cable, this cable consists of the black sleeve and inner wire, when you pull on the lever it should pull the inner wire through the cable. Follow this cable down the bike to the rear calipers, these are two brake arms with pads on them that should rub on the rim of the back wheel when you pull on the lever. Since I do not know what your exact problem is with the brakes I suggest you do the following check: 1) make sure that the cable is well lubricated. and slides through the housing easily. 2) the pads are alligned with the rim so that when pulled in they are touching the metal. 3) the pads do not touch the rim unless you are pulling on the lever Finally make sure that the rim is clean of any grease and muck and that the brake pads are clean as well, this make it easier for them to grip the wheel. Try lightly rubbing the pads with some sandpaper to make them grip better. I hope this helps, Good Luck BMX RULES

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First I'm not at all certain what you mean by "mountain bike brakes", could mean either discs or v-brakes. Either way I'm not sure that either the frame or fork on a BMX would have the fittings required to take MTB brakes in place.

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Depends on what's wrong with it - which we can't figure out from your question. I'll post a couple of helpful links on bike maintenance and repairs.
There should be a bolt that secures a wire. Untighten that bolt. Pull the wire until the brake is near the rim of the wheel. Hold that wire there wile tightening the bolt. If you can't tighten it yourself, have someone to help you. That should do it. If you are having trouble with the part that you push to stop the bike, change it and start the instructions on the top again there you go.

Also, get cardboard between the brake pads and the rim, then tighten, then pull the wire and tighten the bolt then take the cardboard out and then you have a near perfect brake.

Depends on what's wrong with it. Head over to, or www, to find out more basic facts.

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You find out what is jamming them and fix it.

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if your breaks are rubbing there could be a couple things could be messed up your rim could be bent or the break cable could be to short

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Q: How do you fix your brakes on your bmx bikes so they don't rub?
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