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Need to know what the maximum output in amps or mA the battery charger can produce.

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Q: How do you find out how long it takes to charge a 9.6 1100 mAh battery?
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Where you can you find the part number of the backlight in a inspiron 1100?

Try taking out the battery and looking under it on the computer.

How can you find out about the past?

charge the battery and then step inside the machine

If your cell phone will not charge could this be the battery or the battery charger?

If your cell phone will not charge it could be the battery or the battery charger. You best way to find out is to try the battery charger on a similar phone and see if it charges the other one.

How do you find baffling battery in your sims kingdom?

To charge your battery you have to go to sleep, but I think to find it you should go to Dr. F.

How do you replace the battery in a Tom Tom?

They are supposed to be rechargeable, so if you can find the right cord just plug it in. If the battery is faulty for some reason and won't charge, get in charge with the company and they will change the battery for you

How long do I have to charge rc airplane batteries before it will fly?

To charge a rc battery,first find out the battery capacity,Then the out put of the charger. Divide those together and times by 1.5 to get the hours and minutes to charge the battery. Note .15 is 10 minutes.

New car battery not used for months will not accept charge from charger?

Some car battery charges will not charge a completely dead battery. You need to find a type of battery charger that is designed to charge a completely dead battery. You can get around this by hooking a car with a working battery up to the dead battery with jumper cables. The alternator/charging system of the car with the good battery will charge the dead battery. Leave them connected for about 30 min, then disconnect and try to use the battery charger again. If it still won't charge, hook it up to the car with the good battery for a longer period of time.

Where can you find a battery charger for NiMH 9v batteries that can charge the battery to 10v?

I doubt you'd find one ! NiMH batteries charge to 7.2 volts NOT 9 volts ! Trying to charge one to 10 volts is overcharging by almost 50% ! This will certainly shorten the life of the battery and COULD result in overheating and/or explosion !

How do you charge the battery in a 2004 Honda shadow vlx 600?

Find the battery first, look for the plus side it is the positive pole on the battery, You put the red or positive clamp from your charger on there. Then you put the negative which will be on the other side of the battery. Then you set your charger on 2 amp trickle charge, plug it in and let it charge.

My air soft gun battery is for my double eagle ak and it says that it's ni-mh 1150 max amperage 8 point 4 v would an 8 point 4 v 1100 max amperage fit it?

If the 1100 battery fits in the gun then it will work. What you will find though is that the battery will not last as long as the 1150 between charges.

Can someone tell me what a GP NIMH battery is?

The GP NiMH battery is a nickel battery that can be used in cordless phones. Often you can find these in rechargeable form so you don't have to charge them.

Why is lawn mower battery losing its charge when sitting over night?

Something is on, as in headlights or ignition, or the battery has a dead cell. If the battery is over 2 years old it is more than likely the battery itself that is the problem. Disconnect the battery positive cable and fully charge the battery. Let it sit overnight and if it goes dead, replace the battery. If not, find out what is running it down.