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Like you do any batting average. Total trips to the plate minus walks and sacrifices divided by hits

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Q: How do you figure Opposing batting average?
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What does BA mean in basketball stats?

It means Batting Average Against. It is used to show what opposing hitters are hitting off of a particular pitcher. For example, Randy Johnson had a .197 BAA in the 2004 season. That means opposing hitters had a .197 batting average against him that season.

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Who do i figure batting percent?

Batting Average is always shown as a decimal. It is calculated using the following formula: # of hits / official at bats. Ex: 28 hits in 100 at bats = 28 / 100 = .280 average or 28% hit rate.

What is the batting average when the count is two ball and two strikes with two outs?

Balls and strikes do not constitute a player's batting average. A batting average is calculated according to how many hits a batter has made divided by how many at-bats he has. For instance, Ichiro Suzuki had 680 At-Bats in the 2010 season. Out of those At-Bats he pulled in 214 hits. 214 divided by 680 is .315 and that is how you figure out a player's batting average.

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What is prince fielders batting average?

Prince Fielder's 2009 batting average was .299 His career average is .284

Who had the highest batting average in the 2008 season?

Chipper Jones won the 2008 National League Batting title with a .364 batting average, and Joe Mauerwon the 2008 American League batting title with a .328 batting Average.

Who has the highest 2009 batting average?

Hanley Ramirez won the 2009 National League Batting title with a .342 batting average, and Joe Mauer won the 2009 American League batting title with a .365 batting Average.

Who has the highest lifetime batting average in baseball?

Ty Cobb with a .366 batting average