How do you enter Tech Deck live?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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the game isn't ready

the game isn't ready

when will it be ready

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Q: How do you enter Tech Deck live?
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Where can one find examples of Tech Deck tricks?

One can find examples of tech deck tricks on the 'Tech Deck' website. There are also a number of demonstration videos for tech deck on YouTube. One simply has to enter tech deck into the search bar there.

You can get into Tech Deck live?


How do you make a Tech Deck live?

no they havent

How do you sign up in Tech Deck live?

tech deck live is not opened yet. so you can't sign up. it will be released in June 2010.

When will tech deck live come out?

Tech Deck Live Beta Testers say that it comes out "soon". It comes out almost mid August. They need to put up a couple more ramps then Tech Deck Live is free for everyone. Keep shredding!

What year is Tech Deck live coming out?

never tech decks suck

Is the Tech Deck live game free?


Are there any games like Tech Deck Live?


What is the best game sight to go on?

tech deck live.................................