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Get in good shape, then jump, if you cant make it, its just genetics, if you can make the hoop, just manually throw it in, but your hand has to be touching the ball as it goes in the hoop.

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Q: How do you dunk a basket ball?
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What is a Dunk in basketball?

When a player grabs the ball and touches the rim and puts the ball in the basket which is worth 2 points a dunk

Does a dunk count if it hits the ring?

a dunk is a dunk as long as you jump to the hoop and slam the basket ball in the hoop if it misses then its not

How do you dunk a basketball?

In order to dunk a basketball, you have to first be able to jump high enough to be able to get your hand above the rim of the basket. Dunking, then, is forcing the ball down through the basket from above as opposed to shooting a basket which involves arcing the ball up and into the basket from below.

How do you dunk with one hand?

You take your hand and dribble up to the basket jump with the other leg and have the ball in hand and dunk.

How do you make a project on application of maths in basketball?

Discuss the math behind tossing the ball into the basket. Some topics are trajectory, velocity of the ball, the required force needed to dunk the ball, and the probability of landing a basket based on these calculations.

In which sport can you slam dunk a basket?


In which sport can you slam dunk basket?


What is the proper definition of slam dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot. In order to perform one, the player has to jump and then manually put the ball through the basket, while one (or both) hands are over the rim. The slam dunk was formerly known as dunk shot.

Are there any physics when doing a slam dunk?

Yes, a lot. You have to know the projectory when jumping, and how much mass you have when jumping in order to know if you can slam dunk, not to mention the force of the ball going in the basket.

How do you do a 360 degree dunk in basketball?

You have to dribble toward the basket, facing the basket at first, then do one full spin (360 degrees is one full spin), face the basket again, and then dunk.

How high is the NBA dunk contest basket?

The height of the basket is the same height as the regulation baskets

How do you dunk on nba2k14 on xbox 360?

To dunk, you have to press RT+X while running towards the basket.

How do you dunk in nba 2k11?

To dunk you have to sprint using RT and hold X when towards up to the basket.

In basketball what is a dunk?

a dunk is when a basketball player j's the ball

What shot has the highest percentage change of going to the basket?

A dunk

What are khufu's hobbies?

playing basket ball and watching basket ball

How many dots are on a basket ball?

on a basket ball, there are about 2, 958

How do you throw yourself a alley oop on 2k10?

hold L2 while running towards the basket and hit triangle the ball handler will pass you the ball once it land in your hands hit square and you will dunk.

Who was the first women to dunk a basket in the NCAA?

Georgeann Wells of the University of West Virginia is credited with the first dunk in 1984.

What is the size of the college basket-ball court?

What is the size of the college basket ball

How much do basket ball players get?

basket ball players get 340,000-2,189,442

How was basketball named?

There was a basket...and a ball...and they tried getting the ball IN the basket...hence basketball

When was the first NBA website founded?

basket ball i like to be a basket ball player

Who was the first person to dunk a basket ball?

James Naismith who was born in Ontario Canada November 6 1861 invented basketball so he is the one who dunked the first basketball.

How do you do a slam dunk on Wii sports resort?

If you have the ball and someone tries to steal it, but misses and falls, dribble closer to the basket, hit (B) like you're going to shoot, bring your hand up and slam it down at the right time, and you have a slam dunk.