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If you are just skating at a rink, than you can pretty much wear whatever you want. If you are in a competition, girls wear a skating dress with skating tights and their hair done. Boys usually wear a fancy shirt with a tie and fancy pants.

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Q: How do you dress for ice skating?
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What do you call ice skating dresses?

A figure skating dress.

When choosing an ice skating dress what must one consider?

When choosing an ice skating dress one must consider whether they are skating in a competition or for practice. One must consider the type of music they are skating to as well.

What to wear in the ice skating ring?

It is totally up to you. If you are young, or are quite good at skating, an Ice skating dress is gr8. But if you are just going for fun then try jumper, leggings or jeans. :)

Why was ice skating called ice skating?

Because Ice skating is the act of skating on ice.

What material are ice skating dresses made out of?

Ice skating dresses are typically made out of double stretch lycra, micro-fiber, or spandex. It is very important that the dress be made of elastic material so that the skater can jump, twist, and move comfortably with the dress while skating.

What is the wordle for SKATING ice?

ice skating

Ice skating rules?

are ice skating and figure skating the same.

Was roller skating or ice skating first?

I think ice skating

What is the name where people do skating on ice?

Ice skating, or if you do competitive skating it is called figure skating.

Where can one purchase a skating dress?

Skating dresses can be purchased from ice skating companies. However, such stores may be difficult to find locally so the best option may be to shop online. Websites like Ice Skating Life, Discount Skatewear, and Figure Skating Store all offer such items.

How would a girl dress to go on an ice skating date?

She shouldn't wear any clothes at all.

Who discovered ice skating?

Who discovered ice skating

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