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The female gymnast should stand in front of the bar, perform a glide swing (legs can be in a pike or a straddle) and return the legs to the floor. Her arms should not come off of the bar before she performs a pull over with straight legs. The gymnast should not jump before the pull over either. After the pull over, the gymnast should perform a front hip circle, then a cast, and put the favored leg through both arms. Then the gymnast should lift the body up (shoulders back and legs straight) and perform a stride circle. After the stride circle, the gymnast should turn her body to the bar opposite the way it was before (for example, if the gymnast was facing north when starting the bar routine, she should now be facing south)and swing her straight leg over the bar and be back at a front support. Now the gymnast can perform a cast, then back hip circle and an underswing dismount. Then salute the judge!

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Q: How do you do the level 4 bar routine?
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How to do a cast squad-on in level 5 bar routine?

yoou have to use your arm strength to push yourself away from the bar. Then you do it again. when you get to the top you band your knees and look at the low bar to place your feet.

How do you do a level 5 bar routine?

Glide swing to low bar kip, front hip circle, cast, squat on, jump to high bar, kip, cast, free back hip circle, tap swing, tap swing, turn 180' and drop down

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Is level 3 gymnastics easier then level 4 gymnastics?

I'm talking about USAG women's gymnastics, compulsory routines. Floor: In level 4, the gymnast performs one tumbling pass which is a round-off - back handspring. In level 5, the gymnast performs two tumbling passes. One is a round-off - back handspring - back handspring, in which a second back handspring is connected to the first. She must also do a front handspring to two feet, rebound, from a running entrance. There is also a dive roll (jump to forwards roll) and a backwards extension roll (backward roll to handstand with straight arms). Vault: The level 4 vault is a sort of "practice" vault in which the gymnast goes to handstand and then falls flat onto her back on a squishy mat. In level 5, the gymnast must perform a handspring over the "real" vaulting horse, showing straight arms and good body position, with a powerful block and stick. Bars: The level 4 bars routine does not utilize the high bar or have a kip in it. A kip is a basic building block of bars. The level five routine has a squat-on followed by a jump to the high bar, which can be a fear issue for some smaller girls. The level 5 routine requires a straight-armed kip on both low and high bars, and good body position tap swings. Beam: The level 4 routine does not require the cross handstand to reach vertical or the side handstand dismount to be held for a significant span of time, while the level 5 routine requires both of these skills. The level 5 routine also demands a cartwheel and better leaps, more controlled dance. It also contains a split jump.