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The Glide Kip... Ahhh... Such memories in learning this move. Its probably the hardest basic skill to get, and then one of the easiest after you get it. Trust me, bars is so much more fun once you get your kip.

First, Lay on the ground, in hollow position [[on your back, like you just finished a glide swing]], with your arms over your head. Quickly pull your feet to your hands, and sit up as you pull your hands down to your hips. This simulates what a glide kip should feel like.

After you do that a couple of times, go to the low bar. Stand in front of it and do a powerful swing. If you are tall, or have trouble with piked glide swings, do it in straddle. The more power you get out of you swing, the better (and easier) your kip will be. When you reach the end of your swing, quickly bring your toes to the bar. When your toes touch the bar, pull the bar down to your hips [sort of like pulling up your pants]... Once the bar is at your hips, KEEP PULLING on the bar. Rotate your hands to the top of the bar, and throw all your weight down to the floor below you. Don't try to look at the high bar, look down to the floor when you are trying to get to front support. Don't try to kick away from the bar, or arch to get up. It will only make the process of learning your kip much, much slower. Ask your coach to spot you through your kip so you can feel the timing of the move. This is mostly a timing move. Strength will help, but it won't do you much good if you don't have the right timing. It takes patient. You have to wait until your glide swing is FULLY stretched out before you try to kip.

Don't get discouraged!!

Some conditioning that will help with the strength you will need for your kip are:

~Hanging leg lifts. These will help with the strength needed to pull your legs to the bar, and hold the there during your kip.

~Lateral Pull Downs. These will help with the strength needed to complete the kip, and reach front support.

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This is the technique i was taught aswell as a few tips and excercises you can perform at home or at the gymnasium.

Firstly,a kip is a skill that is performed on the uneven bars and needs goood strong tight stomach muscles and the right technique.

This is the way i was explained how to do a kip:

1.Do a good strong glide and stretch out so your body is straight when you reach the peak of your glide.(n.e you may need to pratcise a couple of these before continuing on)

2.Once you have done that you need to bring your ankle or shins to the bar (try not to whack your shins on the bar as it hurts).

3.Then you quickly whip your feet up (or "pull your pants on" as it was explained ot me metorphorically)

4. If you have followed these instructions correctly you should end up in a strong front support position.

Here is a simple exercise you can do without a set of bars:

1.Lay on the floor with your stomach muscles tight.

2. Bring your feet up to your nose and quickly snap your feet up, or AA i said before " pull you pants on".

3. From this you should end up un a sitting position.

I hope this has helped you as i am a gymnast.

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This is the way it was explained to me: First you do a glide and really stretch out Then you bring your feet or ankles to the bar Then you pull your legs up quickly (or as it was explained to me,pull on your socks) If you do this quick and with enought power you should end up in a good front support position. You will probably need coach support as i can not explain it as good as a coach can face-to-face. I must admit that a kip is a hard skill to attempt and it needs to be performed with strong,tight stomach muscles. Yeah the way to get that strong tight stomach is to do plenty of leglifts sit ups or lay on the floor put your hand under your butt then lift just your feet 6 inches off the ground and hold it there for as long as you think i'd say a minute or two. You can also try getting on the high bar having your coach grab your feet push them half way up as if you were going to do a leg lift hold them there until you say let go when they let go you have to try to hold your feet there as long as you can it's ok if they get lower just as long as your not hanging there with you feet straight down ponted to the floor then this will help your belly muscles alot. This will help your kip come faster.

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You'll need STRONG abdominals. There's no way you'll be able to bring your feet to the bar without them. Try to keep your shoulders slightly forward. Don't lift your feet to the bar until the moment you begin to return in your glide. You'll also need strong triceps to pull yourself up.

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Q: How do you do the hitch kick in gymnastics?
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