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Q: How do you do a in between the legs dunk?
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What are some basketball dunks?

-Single Handed Dunk -two handed dunk -360 Dunk -360 one handed dunk -720 two handed dunk -720 one handed dunk -between the legs dunk -between the legs dunk one handed -backwards two handed dunk -backwards one handed dunk -windmill dunk -three throw line dunk You can also make up your own!!! THANKZ -Brenton Lowe :-)

How do you do a 360 between the legs dunk in NBA 2k11?

You have to have a created player with the 360-between the legs specialty dunk package and then you go to practice and run towards the hoop and then point the analog stick down left diagnal.

What is the best dunk Kobe Bryant?

When Kobe was on a fast break. he did a under the legs dunk

You can dunk a basketball one day can you dunk the next day?

most likely you can unless your legs are too exhausted

How come Jason kidd can't dunk and nate Robinson can dunk?

Nate Robinson has a very high vertical and has very powerful legs. Jason kid doesn't have the lift he needs to dunk.

How many Slam Dunk Contests has Kobe Bryant won?

Just one. His signature dunk of the contest was a between-the-legs jam that looked a lot like previous winner J.R. Rider's. He never appeared in any other dunk contests before or after.

How do you do through the legs dunk nba2k11?

(In myplayer mode) Increase your dunk so it's successful and keep increasing until you get specialty dunks when you edit your myplayer.

How do you do the double between the legs in nba live 09 xbox?

You have to do X,X and modify the dunk using the L1 or R1 buttons. It's easier if someone knows it and can show you.

Who did the first in between the legs dunk?

No one knows the first player to dunk a basketball, but the first one to dunk a ball in an official game was Bob Kurland. Kurland made his first dunk while playing college ball at Oklahoma State University in 1944 in a game against Temple.

Does dunking hurt your muscles?

Yes and no, if your legs are not prepared for the dunk, they will most likely get injured. If you are an experienced dunked, your legs will be used to the high jumping and forceful landings.

What is the different between nike dunk and nike dunk sb?

Not to mention that they are made specificaly for skateing, hence the SB (Skateboarding).

Does anyone have any slam dunk combos for nba live 09 ps2?

I´m only playing on the x box, but the combos are still the same as in s005 on ps2. so: Run:L1+Quadrat Dunk: triangle = Elbow in the rim. Run:L1+circle Dunk: L1+circle = cartwheel+2times through the legs Run: X DUnk: Triangle = 360 Windmill