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technically the coaches can change this but the way i learned is, put your arms in a T and jump like your doing a jumping jack. Have a little spring in your step as you put your leg behind the other while you put your arm in a broken T. Then put your arm in a V while kicking! HOPE THIS HELPS IF YOU NEED MORE INFO YOU CAN GO TO: Love always Miss.cheerleader

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Q: How do you do a high kick in cheerleading?
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Yes, my high school does have a cheerleading squad.

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It is a stick that is awarded to the most cheerful leaders at cheer leading camp

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The answer depends on whose championships you are referring to - college? high school? professional? some other cheerleading organization?

What muscles do you use to do a kick in cheerleading?

your abs, thighs, calves, and if you put our arms up, youir arm muscles of course ! (: a

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