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Serving in Badminton is opposite from the form used in tennis. To serve, hold the bird in one hand and hold the racket below it. Then drop the birdie and hit the center of the rubber tip with an underhand motion.

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Q: How do you do a badminton serve?
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How do you lose your serve in badminton?

well, when playing badminton, you always serve underarm. If you serve over arm, then you lose the serve.

How do you serve in badminton?

In Badminton you serve by throwing the shutle into the air and then hit it under arm

Foul serve in badminton?

in badminton you serve from the line closest to the net an you must serve underarm. overarm or not from the line is a foul serve.

Why do you serve diagonally in badminton?

because you have to

What is the ace in badminton?

A serve which is not returned

Can you have a second serve in a badminton match?

No. If the service is faulted, the point is given to the other team. You are allowed 1 serve in badminton.

Do you have to serve underhand In badminton?

No you can serve underhand or overhand it doesnt matter

When playing badminton a serve that can be retaken is called?

A serve that can be retaken is called

What is ment by a side out in badminton?

A loss of serve

What is the meaning of ace in badminton?

A serve which is not returned.

What is the best serve in badminton?

I think underhand.

Is it illegal to fake serve in badminton?


What is an underarm serve in badminton?

dnt knwo

What is a side by side in badminton?

A loss of serve

In badminton when you serve in a singles match what is the area you serve to is it a square or a rectangle?

the area where you serve is a square

What is serve in badminton?

a serve is were you use a variety of techniques to get the shuttle to the other side.

Types of service in badminton?

There are four types of badminton serves: low serve, high serve, flick serve, and drive serve. The angle of these serves can also be varied: straight, wide, or at the receiver. hope this helps :)

Who gets to serve in a game of badminton?

The better one.

Who has the best serve in badminton?

lee chong wei

In badminton where does the serve have to land for it to be legal?

diagonally opposite

Why do you use forehand in badminton?

when you want a high serve

What is it called when a serve is lost in badminton?

Dead, I think.

What are the strokes in badminton?

Basic shots in Badminton are: High Serve, Low Serve, Overhead Clear, Underarm Clear, Net shot, Smash, Drop Shot

If you are playing badminton and if you serve it out of bounds who will serve next?

Assuming you haven't lost the match because of that serve, you will serve next (again).

Can a server in badminton serve the shuttlecock diagonally by tilting his or her racket?