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  1. Before the real jump, make a mini-one (this is to make sure that you start your real jump with both legs together, and not only with one because it would make you unstable in the air)
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    Dip down, this allows you to jump higher on the actual jump, use your arms to swing down and explode into the air.

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    Now is the time for the actual jump: try to jump as high as you can while throwing your arms as high as possible in the air

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    At the highest point of the jump, tuck your knees to your chest and lean forward, this is the flipping section.

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    For the landing, straighten yourself by bringing your legs outside

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To do this you need to learn how to do a normal front somersault. After you can do that then keep your legs straight and keep your hands glued to your side.

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Q: How do you do a Front Pike Somersault?
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