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Countries don't win the Olympics. The purpose is to promote the competition between skilled athletes of all nations without boundries. While there is always a nationalistic pride and the 'medal count' is often featured, there is no 'winning country' in the Olympics.

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Q: How do you determine what country wins the Olympics?
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Who wins Olympics the country with the least total medals?


Which country usually wins at Olympics?

USA cause we are bomb digity

Does the wealth of a country determine how many medals it wins in the Olympics?

No it does not. The amount of medals that a country wins in the Olympics is determined by the number of events that they are entered in and by the capabilities of those competing. However, wealthy countries usually have a larger population to choose from and can afford to send more people to he olympics. Wealth is not a determining factor in the awarding of medals but in a round about way it does influence training, food, equipment to train with, better coaches, etc..

What happens if you win the Olympics?

you would feel proud and happy with yourself (well how would you feel if you did something that wonderful for your country?!?!)

How do they determine who will host the Olympics?

Well firstly your country has to make a video on why they should host it .

Which country won the bronze medal in Women's Cross Country 10 km classical in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

Norway wins the bronze medal in Women's Cross Country 10km classical in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

What countries taking part in the Olympics?

Any country can participate in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. There are qualifying events that take place to determine who can participate in the games.

Who won the 2012 Olympics taking into consideration the population of the country?

There is no competition for which team wins the most medals based on any criteria.

How do countries determine what athletes go to the Olympics?

Each country usually has Olympic trials and or qualifiers. Then from there If u win the qualifier then u get to represent ur country.

How do they know who wins the olympic games?

you know who wins by the cumulative number of all the medals won at the end of the olympics. they are listed in the paper or on the olympics.

What are the qualifications for a country to compete in the Olympics?

any country can do the Olympics

What country was victorious in the first Olympics?

Greece was the country that started the olympics so they won in the first olympics.