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Stay between him and the basket at all times. Keep some distance. If he STOPS dribbling then get in his face because he either has to shoot or pass to prevent double dribbling or traveling. Arms out and/or up all the time as well.

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Q: How do you defend a shooter in basketball?
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Can you call time out in basketball when a fouled shooter has been handed the basketball?


In basketball if I were to poke the shooter as he releases is that a foul?

yes !!!

When can the foul shooter in basketball enter the key on a foul shot?

The shooter has to wait for the ball to touch the rim.

Can goal shoot defend in netball?

If you mean a goal shooter then yes! Every player has to defend his or her player on the opposite team.

How can you become an excellent basketball shooter?

you just have to keep practicing

Who is the leading three point shooter in Indiana University Basketball History?

a j guyton

Is Kevin Garnett the best 3-point shooter in NBA basketball?

no, Larry Bird is.

Is hitting the hand of a shooter a foul in basketball?

Yes. It is called a 'block' and will result in 2 foul shots for the shooter. If the shooter makes the shot but also gets fouled, the basket counts as 2 points and the shooter gets 1 foul shot opportunity.

Why is t persition used in basketball?

t persition is a defence standing in basketball. when you defend your opponent you should do it

What are the players jobs in netball?

Goal Shooter: Scores most of the goals. Goal Attack: Bring the ball into attacking third and score goals. Wing Attack: Bring the ball into the attacking third. Centre: Attack and defend the ball through the whole court except the goal circle. Wing Defence: Defend the Wing Attack. Goal Defence: Defend the Goal Attack. Goal Keeper: Defend the Goal Shooter.

Can a shooter in basketball recover his own shot?

Yes, if he is quick enough to get to it before everyone else.

Who is Alex the shooter?

he is a guy that loves to shoot long basketball shots and dont miss them much!!