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Q: How do you decode a serial number on a Club Car golf cart?
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How do you determine age of a Club Car golf cart by the serial number?

Contact manufacturer.

The serial number on the club car golf cart isA9232294822 what year is it?

what year is this aqo632-661839

Please tell us the year of our club golf cart serial number A8831150875?

Contact manufacturer.

How do you find out what size or voltage your club car golf cart is using the serial number?

I was wondering if you could tell me if my Club Car is a 36 volt or a 48 volt by the serial number #A9113240918. I can't seem to find it anywhere..The book I got with this used cart says its a 48..

How do you Find club car golf cart year model?

There will be a model and serial number plate where the floorboard meets the dash.

The serial number on your Club Car Golf Cart is AG9341355324 What year was it made?

The year it was made is 1993, in the 41st week of production

What year is this serial number on a golf cart?

Contact manufacturer.

Where can you find the year your club car cart was made?

Contact the manufacturer. serial # a0028-904645 What yr was my club car made??

What model is your Nordco Marketeer golf cart serial number 202590?

Model 264, Serial number 203263

How do you tell the year of a club cart golf cart?

Find the serial number plate on the frame, typically just below the dash on the passenger side. The number will consist of a letter or sometimes two, followed by number. The first two digits of the number are the last two digits of the year it was manufactured. so serial number A85xxxxxx would have been built sometime in 1985.

What year is AMF Harley Davidson motor-co. inc golf cart serial number 3B11099H9?

Its a 1979 cart

What year is a Harley golf cart serial number 68D 10108?


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