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The dreaded wind. It is one of the many weather elements that can plague a tennis game. You might view wind as a negative, but I challenge you to view it has a positive. Don't complain about it, but instead use it to your advantage. Remember, your opponent has to deal with the wind too. Use these techniques when playing a match on a windy day. Bend your knees and keep your center of gravity close to the ground, especially on your ground strokes. Use quick, babay steps when you approach the ball because the wind may kick the ball up erratically. Avoid low percentage shots, such as playing the lines, because the wind can move the ball around unexpectedly. Use topspin on your shots because it will keep the ball higher over the net thus giving you a better chance at a great shot. Rush and play the net as often as you can. It is difficult to hit passing shots and lobs when it is windy out. Your opponent may try to make you run down a lob. However, the wind usually makes the ball go long, wide, or in the net.

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Q: How do you deal with the wind during a tennis match?
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