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Q: How do you deactivate the hourly chime on NFL scoreboard clock?
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How do you turn off BMW hourly chime?

I have the 750Li In i-drive go to settings/clock and de-select memo and you're done.

Chime will not chime on my clock?

Check the back for kinks

How can you tell if Daniel Dakota Westminster chime clock has chime courtesy?

Just bought a used Daniel Dakota Westminister wall clock and it does not chime.

How do you set the weights on a Waltham 31 day chime wall clock?

I have a Walthram 31 day chime clock and on of the weights fell to the bottom of the clock. How do I fix it and why did it fall?

How many times does a clock chime in a 24 hour day?

It depends on the clock; None of my clocks chime even once. A clock that rings the quarter hours (like the clock in the Palace of Westminster - aka, Big Ben) would chime 96 times per 24 hours. Some clocks only chime on the hours, which would be 24 chimes/day.

How long would a clock take to chime at 6 if it takes 4 seconds to chime at 3?

4 seconds

How do you turn off chime on howard miller mason clock?

You cannot turn off the chimes on this clock

Why does my hamilton lancaster county floor clock chime incorrectly?


What does the Seiko QXH118BLH Wall Clock sound like?

The Seiko QXH-series can chime on the hour, but you'll have to enable it first.

My grandfather clock the chime no work I have the clock the year 1984?

It may just be to old. You can still use it as decortion.

If a clock chimes 5 times in 4 seconds how many times will it chime in 58 seconds?

It takes 1.25 seconds for each chime so it will chime 72.5 times in 58 seconds

If a clock chimes five times in four seconds how many times will it chime in ten seconds?

12 Chimes.Assuming that a "chime" is the full sound range from start to finish, the clock will chime 10x in 8 seconds. It will chime 2.5x in 2 seconds, and assuming that a chime is the full sound length from start to finish, .5 chime does not equal 1 chime.Therefore 10+2=12 ChimesThe above answer is only right if we assume that at 0 seconds the clock chimes 0 times.If we instead assume a starting signal - meaning the clock chimes for the first time at 0 seconds - then it would be reasonable that each consecutive chime would happen one second later. Therefore after 10 seconds the clock would have chimed 11 times.One starting signal and 10 second chimes.