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the best way to control the ball is by dribbling low and dribbling with your fingertips, never the palms of your hand. It takes a lot of practice to become a great ball handler.

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Q: How do you control the ball in basketball?
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What is lose ball foul in basketball?

A personal foul where no team has control of the ball

In basketball When you dribble the ball you want to keep the ball under your waist?

Yes, the lower you dribble the more control of the ball you have and the less likely you are to lose control of it or get it stolen.

What do basketball players put on their hands before game?

they put on power to get better control of the ball

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

If you lose control of the ball then pick it back up and dribble is that a double dribble?

No its considered a fumble in basketball

How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.

Why is a circle like a ball?

The ball is circle in shape because it is spherical in form and it is easier to control or to handle. Like the ring in the basketball,it is seems like a shape in a ball(spherical) so that it is easy to shoot the ball into the ring.

What are the differences and similarities between tennis and basketball?

In basketball you have a ball and in tennis you have a ball

What skills are used in basketball?

There are several skills used in the sport of basketball. It helps to have height, and skills such as speed and agility are useful, as well as hand-eye coordination, and ball control.

What is interception in basketball?

If a pass is "intercepted" than that means that a defending player got in the way of the ball and eirther took control of the ball himself or deflected it to someone on his team.

Which ball is going to bounce the highest tennis ball basketball or soccer ball?

I believe a basketball

What is a ball carrier in basketball?

A ball carrier in basketball is a metal rack that used for storage of the basketball's. A ball carrier can also be mesh or in a bag form.

The first basketball?

When basketball was invented, the ball used was a soccer ball.

What Are The Three Ball Skills In BasketBall?

What Are The Three Ball Skills In BasketBall

How was basketball start?

they had a ball and then shot the ball in the basket and they called it basketball

What is stealing in basketball?

Stealing occurs when a defensive player legally gains control of the ball from an offensive player.

Why do they need a smaller ball for women's basketball?

Simple. They typically have smaller hands so it's easier for them to control. Same reason why youth's use a smaller youth ball.

What is basic dribbling in basketball?

they way u move the ball by bouncing it on the ground actually here is a better answer. Dribbling is when you bounce the the ball on the ground while walking or running and you keep control of the ball

When was the soccer ball replaced with the basketball in basketball?

the soccer ball was never used

Which ball will bounce higher a wiffle ball or a basketball?

most likely a basketball

Different ways to say basketball?

b-ball beaball basketball basket ball hoop ball hoops

What happens when the ball goes out in basketball?

When the ball goes out-of-bounds in basketball then the possesion of the ball is switched to the opposing team

Why is bad to have to much air pressure in a basketball?

The ball will dribble to high and out of control and if it hits rim or backboard It could bounce off

Whaty is The first ball use in basketball?

the ball that was first used in basketball was a dodgeball

Turnover in basketball?

A turnover in basketball means that the basketball is taken by the opposing team. Usually the the way to turnover the ball is by the opposing team to steal the ball. Another way is the team with the basketball goes out of bounds and you turnover the ball.