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You first draw a diamond on the top which is yellow, then you make a red diamond to the right in the middle, then a blue diamond, then write Steelers in the middle.

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Q: How do you construct a Pittsburgh Steelers logo?
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How did the Pittsburgh Steelers get their logo?

From the steel workers.

What NFL team logo is the oldest?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Has the Pittsburgh Steelers logo always been the hypocycloids?

See related link to Pittsburgh Steelers official website.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers start sporting their current logo on their helmet?

The Steelers began using their current logo in 1962.

What colour is the logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers is a circle with 'Steelers' on the right side and three diamonds to the North, East, and South of it. The colors in the order listed previously are yellow, red, and blue.

Where did the Pittsburgh Steelers logo come from?

It was based on the logo used by U.S. Steel in the 1960s.

What does PGH on a Pittsburgh Steelers logo stand for?

PGH is a common abbreviation for Pittsburgh, PA.

What does the Pittsburgh Steelers logo 412 mean?

412 is the area code of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is unique about the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet logo?

The Steeler logo is only featured on one side of the helmet.

Where can one purchase Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys?

One can purchase Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys when one goes to NFL shops. The shops have NFL team jerseys with logo and design of Pittsburgh Steelers on them. Price starts from $100.

What are the three geometric symbols that look like diamonds on the Pittsburgh Steelers logo?

They are called Hypocycloids. It is the Steelmark logo.

Who is the man on a steel beam kicking a football - Pittsburgh Steelers logo?

Steely McBeam

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