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They used to kill each other in Lacrosse back then

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Q: How do you compare and contract Native American lacrosse to the lacrosse you know today?
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What Native American tribe made the Native American lacrosse stick?

Lacrosse (Stickball) was invented by the Choctaw tribe.

What is a Native American sport?


What is the Native Americans sports?

Lacrosse, or native american wrestling

What do girls lacrosse and native American lacrosse have in common?

Nobody cares about either.

Why was lacrosse made?

Lacrosse was made to war against Native American tribes and to prepare for war.

What were Native American tribes known to play lacrosse?


What native American tribe invented lacrosse?

the Iroquois trip.

What did native american children do for fun?

they like to play lacrosse

Who were the first teams to play lacrosse?

they were originated native american. it has been said that lacrosse is therefore the only true american sport.

Where did the sport lacrosse originate?

Lacrosse originated among the Native American tribes of northeastern North America

When did lacrosse first originate?

Lacrosse was first started by the native Americans. it is the oldest north American sport.

What sport is American past time?

Lacrosse the Native Americans played it

Where did lacrosse?

Lacrosse was formed my native American tribes, the real name is called baggattaway. It got the name lacrosse from a french soldior that documented them playing

What sport did the Native American Indians play at Fort Michilimackinac?

They played lacrosse

Which country invented lacrosse?

It was invented by several Native-American/Canadian tribes.

Who won the first lacrosse game?

Native American tribes were the first to play.

In which regions did Native American groups play a game similar to lacrosse?

The plains

Why is lacrosse important to native Americans?

Lacrosse is traditionally a Native American sport that we call stick ball. It is an important part of our culture and was often used to settle disputes. The Native American version of stick ball could often get more aggressive and violent than the lacrosse version you see today.

Is lacrosse a German sport?

It's played in Germany, but that doesn't make it a German sport. It's a Native Indian sport, originated in Canada. lacrosse is a native American sport

Where did lacross start?

Lacrosse is thought to have originated in Canada. The game of lacrosse was played by various Native American and Plains Indian tribes.

What are native American lacrosse sticks made of?

Most were made from the wood of the Shagbark Hickory.

When did lacrosse come to Maryland?

Lacrosse was already in Maryland when the Colonists came over from Europe in the late 1500's. Lacrosse was a game played by the Native American Indians of this region.

How did lacrosse start?

Lacrosse was started by native Americans

Is lacrosse from Persia?

No. Lacrosse originated from the Native Americans.

What did thay use as equepment in lacrosse when it first started?

when lacrosse first started it was a native American sport, before English settlement. at that time there was no protection .