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try using a dry/damp cloth

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Q: How do you clean the inside of softball helmet?
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How do you clean the outside of a softball helmet?

To clean a helmet you can just dampen a rag or paper towel and wipe off the helmet. You can also use mild soap if necessary. If you want to get in all the little grooves, you can use a sponge and scrub at it.

How do you wash a softball helmet?

You can just wet a paper towel or rag with water and rub off the dirt. You can use mild soap if necessary. If you want your helmet very clean you can even use a sponge and srub the helmet.

Where can you buy a spray paint softball helmet?

you cant you have to get it spray paintedby a professional helmet painter

What is inside of a softball?

The inside of a softball is made of cork. Even though it is called a softball, it is not soft at all. Take it from me :)

What types of instruments are played in softball?

bat helmet glove and ball

What sports are you required to wear a helmet for?

Football, baseball, softball, hockey

What is 5-tool in softball?

Softballn,helmet ,glove,bat ,and Face mask

What materials are inside the softball?


In girls fastpitch softball can the catcher catch a foul ball in her helmet?

No, in no level of softball or baseball can you use your helment or hat to catch a ball

What is inside a fastpitch softball bat?

Air. A softball bat is an empty cylinder.

What is the piece of equipment used in baseball made of wood?


What is inside an astronauts helmet?

an astronaut.

What is inside a softball?

a cork and rubber, i think

Why were the materials that are inside a softball chosen to be in it?

that is what is in a baseball

What does the inside of a softball look like?


Do you have 2 have a cage on a softball helment?

No its not! In AUS its very uncommon for a softballer to have a cage on a softbal helmet :)

What is needed to play slow pitch softball?

Bat, Glove, Helmet, Maybe Battinggloves, Cleats

Why could they hear each's other voices when their helemets were touching?

Air vibrates helmet. Helmet vibrates helmet (two). Helmet vibrates air (inside helmet two).

What instruments are played for softball?

there is alot but there are only 4 important utensiles bat helmet glove and ball

Why do astronauts need helmet?

astronauts wear helmet because oxygen mask is kept inside it.

What holds a softball together?

string holds it all togetherthe stitches you see on a softball helps to hold the softball together but that's not all. On the inside of the cover there is something sticky that holds the cover to the actual ball inside

Do goggles go around the helmet or in it?

the goggles go inside the helmet on your face.

What materials are needed to play softball?

You basically need a glove, bat, cleats and a helmet if you want to play safe.

What can you use to clean your composite softball bat?

Tar moisture only

Is there a difference between baseball and softball helmets?

Yes. The softball helmet has both ears covered. The baseball helemt has only one ear covered. That ear is the one closest to the catcher.