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Maybe you can choose the middle price tennis racket for the first stage,with your exercise time increasing you will find your style of playing tennis,then know what performance the racket should have.

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You see if it is light and strong foryour size. Your hands also cannot be more than 1.5 inches from the top of the grip.

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Q: How do you choose the right tennis racket as a beginner tennis girl?
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The Importance of Choosing the Right Tennis Clothing & Equipment?

To be a successful tennis player, you need the right tennis clothing & equipment. The right tennis clothing will keep you comfortable as you move around the court. Tennis is a fast paced game. Shoes that are a bit too painful may keep you from reaching the ball in time. A restrictive outfit may also affect your performance on the court. It isn't always necessary to purchase specially designed tennis clothing. However, it is necessary to dress appropriately. There's a reason why many women choose to wear tennis skirts and it isn't just because they look cute. Unlike most pants, tennis skirts give women the freedom to move quickly around the court. Both sexes also usually wear short sleeved shirts. These offer more freedom than long sleeved options. When getting dressed for tennis, women will want to choose a lightweight dress or skirt and shirt set. Some women prefer sleeveless tops, while others like a bit of a sleeve. Finish the outfit with comfortable socks, tennis shoes, and a hat or visor. Men usually dress in loose fitting t-shirts and shorts. They also wear tennis shoes, socks, and visors to keep the sun out of their eyes. Once you've planned your outfit, you need to choose the right tennis equipment. The most important piece of equipment is your racket. A tennis racket is made of a light graphite frame that supports a string or hitting area. Tennis rackets vary in size, quality, weight, and durability. When choosing a racket, It's important to choose the right size. Most manufacturers make child, teenager, and adult sizes. An adult male should obviously purchase a racket made for an adult. However, it can be a bit trickier for a petite woman. A very small woman, or man for that matter, may want to choose a teen sized racket. To make sure that the racket is the right size, pick it up and test it out. It's also important to make sure that the racket is the right weight. Light rackets are made for beginning and intermediate players. Heavier rackets are made for more experienced players. When choosing a racket, choose a weight that you can comfortably swing. Keep in mind that the heavier the racket, the more hitting power you'll have. Once you've chosen a suitable racket and tennis outfit, you'll be ready to test your skills on the court.

What age do you have to be to use a 25 inch tennis racket?

i think its 9 -11 years old but i may not be right................

What is the best type of tennis racket is best for a beginner?

for an intermediate player, i would suggest that its price should be less than 5,000 rupees. you can change that into dollars. then, you have to see how it moves and can you handle it by swinging it in the air once or twice. then, choose the right guts. i would suggest Wilson cuz it gives a very smooth shot.after that, check its features so that you know what is the raquet's special ability. when you buy it they will ask you which grip do you want to put on it. get a thick grip so that it doesn't slip in your hand while playing a shot. then practice alot until you know how to control the raquet very nicely. I'm not sure about the other countries prices because i live in Pakistan.

What hand does Rafael Nadal hold his tennis racket in?

Left, he was born right handed and uses his right hand for many thing writing, golf, etc. But he felt more comfortable playing left handed tennis.

How long does a Head Nano Titanium S2 tennis racquet last?

Rackets can last decades. The strings are what break, but a racket won't -- similar to an aluminum bat. What usually dictates the acquisition of a new racket is technological advancements. For example, you wouldn't want to be playing tennis right now with an aluminum or wood racket, even though you could -- they just are not powerful or accurate enough compared to modern rackets.

I am getting better at tennis and need tighter tention of strings my racket is all right but I am considering getting a better racket or just getting it restrung which should I do?

Changing a racket takes a few weeks to get used to. If you like your racket and you feel comfortable playing with it, then I consider just changing the strings. If you don't feel comfortable with your racket and you feel that you can do better with another one then just get a new racket altogether. It really just depends on your racket and if it feels comfortable to use.

Which hand does Rafael Nadal hold his tennis racket in?

Rafael Nadal hits as a lefty but does everything else with his right name.Rafael Nadal hits with his left hand but does everything else with his right hand.

How do you know what kind of tennis racket to buy?

how?? go to a store and pick out a raket then you pay the lovley person at the counter, then that person will usually put the money in to this thing called a cash register, after that you can take the raket home with you....what a ridiculous question!

The Three Tennis Grips That You Need to Learn?

If you think that you want to start playing tennis on a regular basis, then you also need to make sure that you learn the three major tennis grips. You will not be able to hit the ball over the net if you do not know how to properly handle a tennis racket, so it is important to learn these fundamentals of the game. Once you know how to handle a racket, you will be able to hit the ball more efficiently and with more power. Focusing on the basics is always extremely important when you take up a new sport, so make sure that you learn the following three grips.The Eastern GripThe first tennis grip that you should take a look at is the Eastern grip. This is the type of grip that feels natural to most of the people who pick up a racket for the first time, so it is also the most popular grip used today. To use this grip, you will basically need to shake hands with the racket and make sure that the end of your hand is at the end of the handle. You should be able to easily see your thumb if you are using this grip.The Continental GripThe Continental grip is the option used by most pros, but it will not feel natural right away. To use this grip on the court, start with an Eastern grip and then rotate the racket clockwise until your thumb and finger are sitting on the edge of the right side of the handle. You should also bread your fingers out a bit with this grip.The Western GripThe Western grip is what you can switch to after you have become a tennis pro. You can start with an Eastern grip for this grip as well, and then main change you will need to make once you are in an Eastern grip is to turn the racket counter-clockwise. You should continue to turn the racket until the V shape of your thumb and pointer finger is pointing to the right.

How do you put shock absorber on tennis racquet?

To put a shock absorber on a tennis racquet, you need to separate the two strings you want to put it in between, get one side of the absorber in there, and then use your strength to get the other side to go into the other string. It takes patience, and sometimes a little bit of time if you are not very good at it.

What is the right surf board for a beginner?

A beginner board. The bigger the board the easier. The beginner board has the round tip, and the pros have the smaller and pointed nose.

Why is the sport squash called squash?

The little ball on your squash racket is used to absorb the shock when you hit the ball. Once you get your strings changed, though, you no longer need the ball because the strings that you get put on your racket are generally better than the ones that your racket came with. If you take off the little ball with the original strings, you will probably be able to feel a little difference when you hit the ball (it might vibrate a little).