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tell me what is mean by super heat

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Q: How do you check for super heat and subcooling?
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What is super heat in air conditioning?

you use super to check if the a/c is working at the right temp. You only use super heat on a/c that use pistons. The range is 12 to 20 degrees below the temp on your gauges

Which is better vertical or horizontal condenser?

Hi.. For only filmwise condensation, horizontal position gives higher condensation coefficent than verical position. In case of condensation with subcooling in a shell and tube heat exchanger, condensation coefficient is higher with horizontal postion while subcooling coefficient is higher with vertical position. kal....

What is Superman's powers?

Super flight, super strength, super hearing, super breath, X-ray vision, heat vision, and invulnerability

Why is subcooling desirable?

It increases the efficiency of the system since the amount of heat being removed per pound of refrigerant circulated is greater. In other words, you pump less refrigerant through the system to maintain the refrigerated temperature you want. This reduces the amount of time that the compressor must run to maintain the temperature. The amount of capacity boost which you get with each degree of subcooling varies with the refrigerant being used. Subcooling is beneficial because it prevents the liquid refrigerant from changing to a gas before it gets to the evaporator. Pressure drops in the liquid piping and vertical risers can reduce the refrigerant pressure to the point where it will boil or "flash" in the liquid line. This change of phase causes the refrigerant to absorb heat before it reaches the evaporator. Inadequate subcooling prevents the expansion valve from properly metering liquid refrigerant into the evaporator, resulting in poor system performance.

What methods besides weighing and measuring are use for charging systems?

subcooling methods

What super refractory?

Super Refractory is a refractory material which retains its shape and chemical identity in extreme heat, so super refractories are used in Industries for heat resistance.

How do you calculate the subcooling in HVAC?

To calculate subcooling in HVAC, you need to measure the liquid line temperature and pressure. First, convert the pressure into temperature using a temperature-pressure chart. Subtract the liquid line temperature from the converted temperature to calculate the subcooling. Subcooling is important to ensure the liquid refrigerant leaving the condenser is cooler than its saturation point to prevent the formation of flash gas in the metering device.

How many Super Bowl games did the Miami Heat win?

The Miami Heat play in the NBA so they do not play for the Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins have won two Super Bowls and the Miami Heat have won one NBA championship.

What is the purpose for subcooling the liquid refrigerant before it leaves the condenser?

So the refrigerant won't go into sensible heat and reject the process because no vapor is left to condense. This causes the liquid to drop below the wondering saturation temperature of 125°.

How do you change a heat pump from summer to winter?

The indoor thermostat that controls a heat pump contains the necessary components to change the operating mode of a heat pump from heating to cooling. Some thermostats require that you select the desired mode, and others select the mode automatically.

What do you call heat that is added or removed from a substance but does not change the state of the substance sensible heat latent heat super heat or radiation heat?

Latent Heat.

Name the types of heat exchangers used as super-heaters?

Water tube heat exchanger swimming pool, Coaxial heat exchanger for laser and stainless steel exchangers are some of the heat exchangers used as super-heaters.