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An arena

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Q: How do you call the place the basketball players play like la vs celtics?
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What do you call the players of the basketball game?

Basketball players.

How do you call the players in basketball game?


Can only the captain of a basketball team call timeouts?

Generally speaking, no. The rules change a little from place to place, but in most professional basketball leagues all players on the court can call a time-out if theur team is in posetion of the ball.

What will happen if a players holds a basketball?

refery will call travel

What do you call a place where baskteball playars play?

A basketball court.

In basketball what are the Responsibilities of officials?

to keep the players safe, call fouls, and keep the game fair

Who may call timeouts during a high school basketball game?

Coaches, players, and referees.

Can an assistant coach call a timeout in a high school basketball game?

Yes, the assistant can call a timeout, players on the court can also call timeouts.

In basketball what is the rule when 2 players wrestle for a ball?

The referee would usually call a jump ball. If one of the players was too aggressive, he/she may also call a foul on that player.

What happens to basketball players if they kick the ball?

The officials call a violation, and possession is handed over to the opposing team.

What do they call basketball in Mexico?

They call it basketball as well.

What are the rules of streetball?

Streetball as it pertains to basketball does not have official rules. Usually players on offense will call fouls on the defense although defensive players may admit when they have fouled.

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