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What you do is give up as no amount of personality will compensate for the fact Netball is not a sport

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Q: How do you build up personality in a national netball player?
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What can you do if you want to play for the national netball team?

To reach the highest level of netball, you would obviously have to have the skill, speed and talent required to be able to compete against the world's best. I know that in Australia, one way to get into the national team is to begin by playing in the biggest/best competition your state/territory has, generally in the city, then working your way up through division 1, A grade, state reserves, state, state/national teams (like Thunderbirds, Vixen, Firebirds, etc.) then to the national team. Another way is to be recognised by the AIS and be selected that way. Bear in mind that this progression relies not only on the player having extremely outstanding talent and ability and the right physical build, but also how well that player trials and whether or not they get noticed, which is extremely hard. Especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the competition for international netball is extremely fierce, so start training and planning now!

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