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The only way to build muscle is the hard way and that means lifting heavy weights 3 times a week and eating a lot of protein foods and taking protein powder in a glass of milk with your meals.

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Q: How do you build muscle faster without the use of steroids?
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What are dangerous drugs that build muscle?


What is the purpose of weight training gear?

to make you build muscle without you hurting yourself. you will build muscle faster with it but it also keeps you safer. dont ask me how it just does.

Why do bodybuilders take steroids?

It helps them build muscle extremely fast.

Do africans Americans build muscle faster than whites?

yes.. African Americans do build muscle faster.. they are bigger in many places.

Do women build muscle faster than men?

no men build muscle faster in the upper body and men and woman are the same in the lower body

Difference between anabolic steriods and normal steroids?

Anabolic means muscle growth, so anabolic steroids are the type of steroids use to build muscle, the type bodybuilders and sportspeople use. Normal steroids are ones that doctors prescribe to help with certain viruses etc, they do not promote muscle growth but are used as cures for certain things.

What is the reasons behind steroids?

It depends on what type you are talking about. Medical or the ones that build muscle?

Does Andro build muscle faster than creatine?

Andro is a ph ( prohormone) which boost testosterone so yes, Andro will build muscle drastically faster than creatine however, creatine is the safer way to go but it will take you a lot more time to build muscle on creatine

Advantage of using drugs in sports?

Drugs such as steroids help build muscle and help recover more quickly.

Why can't you get big muscles quickly?

This is because building muscle takes a long time if you choose to stay natural, that is, without the use of anabolic steroids. On average you may build 5-10 kgs of muscle or 8-20 pounds of muscle in your first year, and from then on in, it gets a lot, lot harder. :)

How do you take steroids?

To take steroids you can either take a course of tablets or a course of injections. To enable the muscle enough time to build up, the courses will generally take several months.

Some people take a synthetic version of testosterone to try to build larger muscles faster?

Anabolic Steroids

What drugs may build up muscle mass?

Anabolic steroids are used (illegally) by athletes, to build up muscle mass, but they have side effects, as all drugs do. I recommend that you build muscle mass by exercise and a high protein diet, not by drugs. It's more work that way, however, you will be much healthier.

What are some good ways to build lean muscle?

The best way to build lean muscle is to watch what you eat while working out. You can also take supplements to help build muscle faster. You can find supplements such as carotene at your local pharmacy.

Can steroids damage your teeth?

Its just a guess until the better answer comes along but I no tht if steriods build mauscle it might build gum muscle and strnthen the teeth in place...

What does the word anabolic mean in anabolic steroids?

The word anabolic means "to build up." Its opposite is catabolic, which means "to break down." Together they form part of metabolism. Anabolic steroids are illegally used by athletes to build muscle and allow them to exercise for longer periods of time.

How fast can steroids build muscles?

Steroids will build bulk muscle tissue quickly, but cannot support or tone it, and may even over-vascularize the tissues (too much blood flow). They can have serious long-term health effects, which is one reason why they have been banned in many sports.

What build muscle better and faster Pull ups and push ups vs weight training?

both are good for muscle building.

How do you build arm muscle without weights?

by exercises :D

Do African Americans have more muscle mass than white people?

Not necessarily. Most Negro's have a metabolism that works faster than that of Caucasians, which allows their bodies to burn fat and build muscle at a faster rate.

How do you build up your testosterone level?

Anabolic steroids build muscle mass and bone mass by increasing the levels of testosterone and cortisol in the male, and estrogen and progesterone in the female. Anobolic steriods build up tissue while catabolic steriods decrease it. Anabolic-androgenic steroids are man-made substances related to male sex hormones.

What is a good steroid to build muscle fast with low side effects?

There IS no steroid that will give low side effects. You shouldn't be on steroids in the first place.

How long would it take in order to build lean muscle?

The amount of time it would depend for you to grow muscle, but it would help to take protein shakes to get a faster result. In order for you to build muscle, it would take a couple of months.

How can I build up my muscles as fast as possible?

To build up muscle as fast as possible, you need to work out at least 6 days a week and do weight lifting. Also, there are things you can take to help you bulk up faster like whey protein. The protein will help you build muscle faster and make your muscles larger.

Are steroids a type of bad drug that athletes use?

Steroids are a drug that has been banned for use by athletes. Like all drugs, they can be abused. Because they help build muscle, they have been banned by pretty much all organized sports.