How do you bowl fast in cricket?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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First of all decide whether you are a pace (fast) bowler or a spinner. This is to decide your run-up (distance you travel before u ball the ball) . A aveage run-up for a spin bowler is around 3-5 steps. For a pace bowler the run-up is between 10-15 steps.

Once the run-up is decided, you must decide where you want the bowl to bounce. Inorder for you to bowl a yorker, place your two fingers closesr to your thum on both sides of seam (the line in the middle of the ball).

Then, run towards the crease and do a full sming with your arm, you are Bowling with. Then release the bowl, when reached about shoulder height. try to place it on the batmens feet, to get the best of a yorker,

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its all about the follow thru, but also about how you approach the bowling crease. A fast and balanced run-up will help you build rhythm, which is critical to your ability to bowl fast. Also make sure you do heaps of strength training - A bowler must be strong to have the ability to bowl fast.

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Q: How do you bowl fast in cricket?
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