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Play in junior high and High school, get good grades to get in a good college, Try to make the college team, then enter the nba draft

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Q: How do you become an NBA player?
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Is college required to become an NBA player?

I think its a good idea, but no its not. You have to get drafted on the NBA.

What age can you become a NBA player?

i think 16

How do you become a NBA player?

try to play everyday and work hard so you will have tryout for the nba

How many years will you need in collage to become a NBA basketball player?

You do not have to go to college at all in order to become a NBA player. Most players are picked from college teams though.

How you become a massage therapist for the NFL or NBA?

Sleep with a sports agent is usually the best way.. or sleep with the football player/ NBA player

When do you become a star player in nba 2k12 my player?

To become a star player, you have to earn enough skill points and atributes to increase your rating.

How can you become an NBA player?

Enter the NBA draft what do you think u have to do ( you must be over 16 to enter

Can you still become an NBA player with a bad eyesight?


When did Michael Jordan become a basketball player?

1984 he became an NBA player for Illonois.

What steps did Michael Jordan take?

to become the greatest nba player

What it takes to become an NBA player?

it take sprite and devotion and talent and .....

What degree do you need to become a NBA player?

High School Diploma

How do you join the NBA players?

just be like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James taht's all to become an NBA player

When did Dwyane Wade become a NBA basketball player?

Right after he started playing

How do you become player of the month in nba 2k11?

You have to achieve good stats in that month.

Who is the player on the NBA sign?

The NBA player on the NBA logo is Jerry West.

How to play in the NBA?

To become an NBA player, the only rule is that you must be at least 19 years old or play one year in college.

What is the NBA's mission statement?

to become a great basketball player and achieve many goals

How much time does it take to become a nba player?

years and years and years and years.

How does a person become a professional basketball player?

Someone becomes a professional basketball player when they are drafted into the NBA from either High School(rare) or College(common). u enter the nba draft

What special training do you need in order to become a NBA player?

IT doesnt matter as long as your good

How did Kobe Bryant get to where he is?

he worked very hard every day, and he was determined to become and NBA player

What is the most grammatically correct way of describing an NBA player in the NBA of the NBA or with the NBA?

In the NBA.

Who is the oldes player still playing in the NBA?

Who is the oldest player in the nba

Who is the weakest player in the NBA?

Anthony Davis is the weakest NBA player