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you cant

because that would so stupid /theundertakerrocks

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Q: How do you become a undertaker?
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Is undertaker become a Muslim?


How did undertaker become deadman?

It is a gimmick.

Why did the Undertaker become the Deadman?

Its just a gimmick.

Why did the undertaker shave his hair?

The undertaker shaved his hair because he was fond of alliteration and wished to become known as the Bald Bury-er.

How do you become friends with undertaker?

Don't say anything that might make the Undertaker mad. Or, he might either chokeslam you or tombstone piledriver you.

Will the undertaker record at WrestleMania become 19-0?


Did undertaker become the world heavy weight champion at judgementday 2008?


How did undertaker become a dead man in WWE?

No one really knows.

Will batista become world heavyweight champion?

most likely no he even lost to rey but will rey win against undertaker no undertaker is big strong and scary.

How did undertaker become paralyzed?

he got a broken nose,arm and a sprained hamstring.

Will Undertaker beat Kane and become champ?

Yaeh it will happen in wrestlemania 27

Will chavo Guerrero become WWE champion?

No he will not because he is not a determined person like undertaker

Why did undertaker become the motorcycle guy?

Mark Calaway, also known to professional wrestling fans as The Undertaker, became The American Badass/Big Evil because that's who he is in real life.

Why undertaker is so weak now?

Haven given his last 20 years to the wwe and to us, Mark(aka undertaker), has become tired physically due to the injuries he had sustained over the years.

Will Undertaker become the Biker he once was again?

Unless he gets a promotion, we will be seeing more DeadMan

When will undertaker win a title?

He has won titles before but in 2011 he will become the world heavyweight champion

When will the undertaker become world heavyweight champion?

theyve set him up for a rivalry against cm punk because of him becomin whc at summerslam so at breaking point there will be a submission match between them and the undertaker will win

Where could one view WWE superstar Undertaker videos?

WWE has become great entertainment of TV. The most exciting video are the older videos featuring the Undertaker. These videos can be brought at most rental stores.

Who was another undertaker?

brian lee played the other undertaker in undertaker vs undertaker match

Did Kane play the fake Undertaker in the Undertaker vs Undertaker and if not who did?

it was Brian Lee that played the fake undertaker, but he not related in anyway to the Undertaker in real life. September 16, 2008 Kane has never played the Undertaker. The fake undertaker was brian lee not Kane

Is undertaker the same person as masked undertaker?

Yea, undertaker is the same person as the masked undertaker! Same person!

There was a match undertaker vs undertaker why does every one say that there is only one?

It was Undertaker vs Imposter Undertaker.

Who won undertaker or undertaker 2?

real undertaker won because nobody can defeat undertaker. he can even beat his soul!

Who is stronger Michael Myers or undertaker?

If it is The Undertaker as in wrestling, Michael Myers is stronger. If it is The Undertaker as in Black Butler, then The Undertaker is stronger.

Is tex red the undertaker?

No Mark Calaway is the undertaker and has always been the undertaker