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To become a soccer player in India you must do a lot of practice.Practice can led you to become a professional footballer.

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Q: How do you become a professional soccer player in India?
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Does India have a professional soccer club?

India has all the soccer clubs now and ever was

How do you get a soccer coaching license in Georgia?

i am living in India . i want to become a professional soccer player and now i am doing bca i.e bacelor of computer application and now i am in first yr . so i want to ask u that how i will get admission in soccer club? what is the minimum age of getting admission in soccer club ? how to apply ? what is the fee structure?

Why is soccer a world wide sport?

Because i am a pro soccer player and it is fun to play with a cat. It first started in india

Why does India not participate in soccer competitions?

in India its not their religion to play soccer

How do people earn a living in India?

There are many ways in which a person can earn a living in India. They could become a medical professional.

What is the name of football player who recently visited India for a friendly match?

Messi if you are talking about soccer (futbol)

Does India play soccer as a leisure activity?

Football is not the primary sport in India. While India does have the I-league and the recently started Indian Super League, which are attempts to improve the level of professional football, the country mainly plays it as a leisure activity.

Why was India banned from soccer?

India was never banned from Soccer. In fact they have a rich history of playing the game. You may be thinking of their 1950 Team World Cup that was not allowed to play barefoot because of the possibility of injury from other teams' cleats. India has gradually become better at Soccer because of the low cost and simplicity of The Beautiful Game. Hope to see an entry from India in the World Cup soon.

What is the population of soccer in India?


Did soccer originate in India?

No India did not invent football. It was discovered in England.

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what is the sallery India as mph professional.

What is the sports personality for Ashok Amritraj?

Ashok Amritraj is a professional tennis player who has also represented India on an international level.

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