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You have to go to the AC Milan youth training and be put into the Reserve team then move your way up to the real team.

Or you play on any team, and if you are very good you're coach might tell a scout about how god you are and the scout will come look at you, and if he thinks you are good enough you be invited to with the AC milan B team, Or the team that becomes AC milan.

Gl, if you're trying to become a team member

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Q: How do you become a Membership of AC Milan football club?
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Where can one find more information on the Inter Milan Football club?

One can find information on the Inter Milan Football Club on many websites. Those websites include, but are not limited to the official website, Wikipedia and Football Break.

What does AC in AC Milan mean?

Associazione Calcio Milan, commonly referred to as AC Milan and as just Milan in Italy, is an Italian professional football club based in Milan, Lombardy. The club was founded in 1899 and has since spent most of its history in the top flight of Italian football.

Is ac millan an Italian football club yes or no?

A.C Milan is a top Italian club.

In what city is AC Milan based?

AC Milan is an Italian football club that is based out of Milan, Lombardy. They play in Serie A and are the most successful world soccer club and have eighteen officially recognized titles.

Who is the owner of inter- Milan football club?

The current owner of Inter Milan is Massimo Moratti, who is also the president.

Which football club has the biggest fan base in Milan?

The biggest fan base in Milan are at the San San Siro. The ground for both the MILAN TEAMs.

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You can't get a membership without a membership card.

Is inter Milan from the UK?

No, Inter Milan or to give them their full name, Football Club Internazionale Milano are from Milan, Italy.

Is shevchenko on loan to ac Milan?

yes he is on loan from Chelsea football club

Nickname of AC Milan Club Football team?

The Rossineri (red and black).

What club does etto the soccer player play for?

Samuel Etoo the Cameroon footballer plays his club football with Inter Milan.

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An annual membership to Sam's Club costs $35 for a business membership and $40 for a household. The deluxe membership program, which offers certain advantages, is $100.

What is the name of Milan football club stadium?

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro)

What is ibrahimovic?

Ibrahimovvic is a footballer from Sweden. He plays his club football in Italy with A.C. Milan.

Best football club only in Italy?

Either Internazionle or Juventus or AC Milan.

Who is the owner of AC MILAN football club?

Flavio chomon who owns 28million pounds

Zlatan ibrahimovic dutch football club?

He played in the dutch football club Ajax Amsterdam from 2001 to 2003 (i think) then he went to Juventus and today he plays in Inter Milan

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Worlds largest paid football club?

Most likely Real Madrid or AC milan.

Who is the first black man that play in ac milan football club?

I think it is George Weah.

Who is the highest paid football manager club and what country?

In the latest list Jose Mourinho comes first, the club is inter milan in Italy.

Where is the football stadium called San Siro located?

The football stadium called San Siro is located in Milan, Italy. San Siro is the home stadium of Associazione Calcio Milan and Futbol Club Internazionale Milano.

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Have Liverpool football club agreed to bring pato to England from ac milan?

Yeah done deal.