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if ur gud at Basketball then you can go in

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Q: How do you be on army basketball team if you join the army?
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When your in the army reserve can you play for the army basketball team?

The Army has an athletics programme which is open to members of the Regular Army. If you are referring to the Army basketball team which plays against college basketball teams, the answer is going to be no, as that "Army" basketball team is the team of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Where to get training for basketball?

At a basketball court. Try and join a program or a team to improve better.

You quit basketball and its your senior year. How can you join basketball in college?

You just try out in collage and if you make it then your on the team!

Who can join the WVU Basketball league?

WVU stands for West Virginia University and their basketball team the West Virginia Mountaineers play in the NCAA Division. To join the team and play in that league one must attend the university, try out for the team and be selected.

Can you join a high school basketball team even if you go to a different school?


What can you do to make basketball team?

You can sign up to join, and try out during Try-Outs!

I quit basketball and its my senior year. How can I join basketball in college?

go to try outs or show the team that u are pretty good

What is an example of a sentence using the word alliance?

We had to join an alliance to defeat the other basketball team.

Who was on the roster for the US 1959 basketball team?

1959 army b ball foster

How do you join team gold on club penguin?

Team Gold is the Team Gold army of clubpenguin, created by Spice Ice116 also known as Saint Spice. Their site is If you want to join go to There's your simple answer...

Can you join a basketball team with a back problem?

ask your doctor this question. He knows better than anyone on the site.

How much money does it cost to join a kids basketball team?

This depends on many things. Does it look like it could be expensive. If it is usually at a school it is probabaly free. This all depends on what team you wish to JOIN!!!!!!!!