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well the obvious thing is practice but other ways is to buy fingersave gloves as they will help save allot more goals.

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Q: How do you be a good goalkeepers?
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What country produces good goalkeepers?

Italy produces good goalkeepers.

Do goalkeepers wear shinpads?

Yes, goalkeepers wear shin pads.

Do goalkeepers need to be fit?

Goalkeepers have to be very fit , in health and as well as their vision.

Goalkeepers dropkick distance?

Goalkeepers can only kick the ball into the other goal box.

How much does a international soccer goalkeaper make?

Goalkeepers need to be very good and must have nerves of steel. Like Gianluighi Buffon and Petr Cech , these are two of the best goalkeepers in the world. And will be getting roughly 100,000 pounds a week as salary.

What country has the best goalkeepers?

1.Spain 2.Poland 3.Italy Yes poland is on 2nd thats because spain has the best goalkeeper in the world cassilass but in spain out of 100 only 10 are amazing but really amazing but in poland out of 100 90 are good goalkeepers but their not totally amazing and Italy is a country with good goalkeepers such as Buffon. * This is a subjective question, as on any given day a Goalkeeper can have a bad day or great day ranking him higher or lower at his position. There have been a plethora of great goalkeepers from many various countries, so no one country exports an overabundance of one position.

What are good exercises for goalkeepers?

a good warm up is punching the ball up like keepy ups only with your hands but try to stay in the same spot

Who are the world's richest goalkeepers?

it will be v.valdez

How many goals are scored by goalkeepers till now?

There have been 3 goalkeepers to score a goal in the E.P.L they are Brett Friddel.and peter schmichael.

Do professional soccer players have goalkeepers?


What is the polish goalkeepers name?

Wojciech Szczensy

What soccer players have number 1?