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Depends on the type of cart. What type of Golf cart do you have?

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Q: How do you adjust the governor on a golf cart?
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Adjust the governor on a club car golf cart?

How do you adjust the governor on a 2004 Club Car ?

How do you increase speed on Yamaha golf cart?

Need to see a picture on how to adjust the governor

How do you adjust a Yamaha golf cart governor?

Yamaha golf cart models have clutch cable, spring adjustment, and spark regulation; those are the 3 different types of governors. There are 3 things to adjust the Yamaha golf cart governor, 1. Locates a spring adjustment governor to sticking out of the differentials or carburetor, 2. Hold the governor using a screwdriver, and 3. For a clutch cable governor, locate the cable nut then adjust it.

How do you adjust a governor on a kawasaki?

If its on a golf cart or mule email me at and i will be glad to help you

How do you adjust a carburetor on a club car golf cart?

how do you adjust a carburetor on a club car golf cart?

What does lithium feel like when on it?

Like a governor on a golf cart.

How do you adjust the speed on your golf cartmyself?

Take out the governor

Yamaha g1 golf cart with a 2 stroke engine How can you disconnect the governor?

How to remove and line up a flyway on G1 golf cart

How do you adjust ignition timing on a club car golf cart?

To adjust the ignition timing on a club car gold cart, first lift the cart and hook up the timing gun. Then rev the engine.

How do you adjust speed on club car golf cart?

You can use IQDM-P device.

Is the governor on a club car golf cart for engine protection or speed control?


How do you turn up your golf cart speed?

adjust the linkage on the cable and open up the governer

Where can you get a golf cart wiring?

You can buy a golf cart wiring in a golf shop.

Is there a speed control on ezgo golf cart?

There probably isn't a speed control on the golf cart itself, but on its engine. To get more or less speed out of it, you would need to mess with the governor (on the engine itself).

What is golf cart in french?

golf cart = Voiturette Trolley = chariot

What is a golf cart input shaft?

Golf Cart Input Shafts are like parts of the golf cart that's need to be overhauled.

Where is the governor on a Club Car golf cart?

you should look at!!! if its gas its towards the back of the cart, and pivits!!The linkage from the accelerator pedal goes to the governor on top of the transaxle. Another linkage then goes to the carburetor.

What is special about a golf cart?

you can drive a golf cart on the golf course so you don't need to walk :)

Is there a governor on electric golf carts?

No A lot of golf carts now if they are electric have motor controllers that can be programmed. Check with the Buggies Unlimited or Buggies Gopne Wild Golf Cart Forum

What should compression be on a ezgo golf cart?

what should the compression be on a 2007 ezgo golf cart

Is it legal to drive a golf cart in a golf cart community?

Why wouldn't It be legal? Yes

When was the first golf cart built?

the first golf cart was built in the 1940's.

What is the difference between a stand golf bag and a cart golf bag?

A standard bag is designed to be carried by a caddie,a cart bag is designed for use with a golf cart.

Where is the vin number on a golf cart?

Where is the VIN number on a 2006 EZ GO golf cart  

How much is a 1997 club car golf cart worth?

value of a 1997 golf cart