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well to dress like a skater chick u just wear whatever is comftable i mean most of the time its just tank tops and cargo pant very much like Avril Lavigne use to be (trust me on this im actually a skater chick) and to talk like a skater you actualyy need to be a skater you need to know what a ollie a kickflip a darkslide is and so on otherwise you will be called a poser

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:01:03
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Q: How do you act dress and talk like a skater chick?
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How do you talk like a skater boy?

"hey girlfriend" "what it iyeah"

How can you get a chick to like you?

Firstly dont call her a chick be nice to her talk to her and ask her if she likes u and carry on from there

Where can I find out more about eat like a hot chick?

"How to Eat Like a Hot Chick" encourages readers to go beyond food, and incorporate confidence into their diet. While they do talk about incorporating healthy foods, they also talk about loving yourself, and raising your self-esteem.

How do you get a boy to like you over again?

To get a boy to like you is to talk to him,find out what he likes,dress better.

How do you get a girl to like you at age 11?

smile at the girlalways dress nice and kinda the style she likes. for example if she's emo/skater/scene wear some neon and black. skinny jeans are to her sometimes and stay calm. if shes has a bad attitude then she might not like u. if shes kinda shy or seems to talk real nice to u the she might like u

My crush knows I like him and he won't talk to meWhat do I do?

If he dos'nt want to talk to you cause you like him, he's not good enough for you. If you notice him flirting with other chicks right in front of you and he never used to, forget him! One question is he a prep and are you a skater? โ™ฅkiss, kissโ™ฅ

How do you impress girls when you are too shy to talk to her?

Try to dress nice, Girls like guys that know how to dress. she will make a comment about it and you will have a way to talk to her. you can also have a book or some thing in your hands that you know she is into and she may start to talk to you about how she is also a fan of whatever your reading or looking at.

What kind of girls do skater boys like?

Skater boys are really cool guys to talk to once you get to know them. They like girls that are into the same the same activities they are in, but most of the time it depends on what kind of girl the guy prefers best.I'm dating a Skater boy and I'm preppy, i wear abercrombie, holister, l.e.i, O.P (ocean pacific) and stuff like that, and he totally digs that.They also like girls who encourage them in their activities and a girl that understand what skating means to themI'm crushing on a skater boy as well,he likes me too but were not going out yet :(I wear all kinds of clothes, hollister abercrombiel.e.i. all the girly stuff and i wear stufflike converse (all-star) vans and skater(ish)things,but im toatally not a skater girl.:D

What to do for boy to like a girl?

dress up pretty, talk to him always, and play with each other ect...

What does it mean if you were staring at the guy you like and the guy friend talk to him and the guy you like looks at you?

It means his friend just said something along the lines of "Bro, that chick is checking you out."

What does speak strike redress mean?

It means to speak, like talk. To strike, like with a sword. and redress, which is a red dress that brutus wears.

What is bad teen reputation?

A bad teen reputation can be many of things. Like the way people look at and talk about you depending on the way you dress, act, talk and how you do things.

I like a skater nerd at my school unsure if he likes me back how can i know if he likes me and how can i get him to like me?

look for signs like if he smiles at you or makes direct eye contact for more than a few seconds or if he waves.. he could see a little something in you. but if he doesnt talk to you then you should try to make small talk about random things like music, the weather, school or whatever and see where that goes. see if he has a facebook or myspace and add him as a friend and talk on there if you are too scared to talk to him in person.

You go to the girl you like's house 4 a bbq with family what do you do?

Well it depends...................if u like text this chick all the time and talk to this chick all the time, it shouldn't be that hard. just hang out with her the whole time. be polite, and gentle with her. also make her laugh. if ur not fun to be around she isn't gonna like u. but if u don't really talk to her that much or even know her that well than u probably shouldn't tell her that you like her cuz then she might get freaked out and never wamt to talk to u again oh and be yourself

What is could be the reasons why the girl always dress and talk like a boy?

"Talk like a boy"? There's no specific difference between how we talk. She probably just like those clothes. Don't separate men and women's way opf dressing so much. And if you think she is gay because of it that is a kliche.

How should a seventh grader make a boy like her?

In my experience, 7th grade guys like outgoing girls who dress fashionably and talk a lot. You should be a little tomboyish (good at sports and stuff) but be girly in how you walk, talk and dress. Don't change your whole personality just to get guys to like you though. That never works and you will just end up failed and embarassed.

Where should you buy African Gray Congo red tailed parrot chick in Charlotte NC?

i like parrots arent those the ones that copy you when u talk like pollie want a pracker

Theres this really sweet girl you like but im some skater punk how can you get her to like you?

You don't have to GET her to like you. If she doesn't like you for the way you are, then she is obviously not a very good girl to be around. A "sweet" girl is someone who would like you, even if you are a skater. Just talk to her, show her that you have another side to yourself. Become friends, and then take it to the next level. If she says no, then she isn't worth it. All you really have to do is be yourself for most girls.....or you could try being friends first and get to know her

Why do a lot of boys like you?

They might like you for alot of reasons. They might like your body, or how you dress, or how you walk, or how you talk. They might like your style, or your hair, or your face or eyes. They might even like your confidence and personality.

You are going out to dinner with your boyfriend and his mother what should you talk about and how should you dress?

well in my opinion you should wear a dress or something suitable for a resteraunt but nothing something you dont like. some people wear things they think the mother is going to like wear what you feel comfartable in because if she dosent like you for who you are then there is no point meeting her, and talk about what hobbies she has interests? hope this helps good luck.

Name something a teenager would hate to hear that he did just like his dad?

Family Feud: Talk, Drive, Romantic Moves, Laugh, Dress

How can you get a boy to like you in fifth grade he acts cool?

Be yourself and try to get his number and talk to him a lot also dress pretty good luck =P

How let let a girl like you?

be yourself and make her laugh and give complements and respect to confident when you talk to her.your dress shoud be clean

How can I tell if the girl I'm with loves someone else?

This Happened to me with my ex and he was in love with another chick. so basically if she always flirts with him, like hits on him....etc then you know or maybe just talk to her about it

How does a girl make herself noticed by a boy?

Talk to him and be yourself. I'm sorry if this does not work. Dress like one & act like a lady. They will flock to you, don't worry.