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When the volleyball impacts on your hand, the volleyball's force will be absorbed.

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Q: How do you absorb force in a volleyball?
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How is science related to volleyball?

Physics explains the movement of the volleyball due to force of the player.

How does force equals mass x acceleration apply to volleyball?

If the mass and acceleration of the volleyball are known, the force acting on it can be found using the above equation.

How does newtons law of motion apply to volleyball?

Newton's law of motion states something along the lines of the action-reaction force. When the volleyball (in motion) comes down, it bounces off the specific area of your hands/arms/wrists used to "bump" the volleyball. This causes the volleyball to fly into the air, while also causing the reaction force of your hands being pushed downward as you feel the force of the volleyball hitting your skin.

How does force summation apply to a volleyball serve?

force summation appiles to every sport

What is force summation in playing volleyball?

it is when you are jumping and spiking.

What is overhand serve in volleyball?

overhand serve is when you throw the volleyball directly in front of you then lift your arm up hit the center of the ball with as much force as possible

How is volleyball related to physics?

Volleyball is related to physics because of the science involved in the game. The laws of force, gravity, distance, and pressure are all related to physics.

Which force pushes a volleyball out of the water when you attempt to hold it beneath the surface?


What is the difference in force hitting a volleyball with a different part of your arm?

If you hit the volleyball with your hand you can make it have more force and can control the direction of it. If you hit it with the wrist or some other part of the arm, then you won't have much force with the ball and cant control where it goes to make the other team miss that ball you spiked.

How does volly ball relate to math?

Volley ball relates to math in all of the different forces that are happening. A volleyball player mentally gauges the force that the ball is approaches with and the appropriate force to respond with. Force is equal to the product of mass and acceleration. There is also projectile motion in volleyball, which is commonly described using math.

What feature of a contraption for an egg drop experiment is trying to lessen the force?

Some type of easily crushable material to absorb energy and thus refuce force. Also water can be used to splash out and absorb energy

How can you absorb force?

by spreading it around, and not focusing it all into one spot

How many pounds must a sand bag weigh to test if a safety net can absorb the proper amount of force?

A safety net must be able to absorb the force of a 400-pound bag of sand dropping on to a safety net.

How many pound must a sand bag weigh to test if a safety net can absorb the proper amount of force?

A safety net must be able to absorb the force of a 400-pound bag of sand dropping on to a safety net.

How does inertia apply to volleyball?

Well, when you are serving overhand the ball will go straight over your head until the outside force (your hand) will act upon the volleyball making it go over the net.

Can concrete absorb more force without breaking than bones can?


When volleyball players jump into the air the primary force acting to make them land back on the ground is?


When volleyball players jump into the air the primary force acting on them until they land back on the ground?


Does the air pressure in a volleyball affect how far it goes?

since pressure is directly proportional to force, we can apply more force to the ball. The force transmits evenly throught the ball making it to achieve greater distance.

What does apply negtive force to absorb a objects knetc energy mean?

There is really no such thing as "negative force" (force is a vector quantity); in this case, it must be an informal way to refer to a force acting in the direction opposite to the object's movement.

Why upper body strength is important in volleyball?

it is important to have uper body strenth for volley ball because you need strenth for force and in volley ball you will need to put force into the ball.

Which vanes absorb the most light energy in a radiometer?

you have a force field that the first vane you can tell it

Is it true concrete can absorb more force without breaking than bone can?

yes it is true that bones can sbsorb more force without breaking concrete can

How is math used in spiking a volleyball?

In volleyball math is used when you hit the ball. You use angles and force to hit the ball in a downward motion causing you to hit the ball or otherwise spike the ball.

Which muscles are mainly used in force summation when prefroming the set shot in volleyball?

your fingers do most of the work when doing a set

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