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You're probably better off not to attempt it...

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Q: How do you a back flip if your fat?
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What is easier double back flip or double frount flip?

double back flip

How do you do a back-flip on scooter?

you flip idiot

If you feed a cat a fruit pastel will it back flip?

it will back flip x10000000

Is a backhandspring and a back flip the same?

No a back hand spring is when you do a real fast back walkover with you feet together. A back flip is also known as a back tuck and that's when you flip in the air.

how can you do A back flip?


Is it easier to do a front flip or side flip?

a back flip or a front flip wich is sooooooo much easier.

Can Shawn Johnson do a back flip on the beam?

Yes Shawn Johnson can do a back flip on the beam

Is flip a verb or a noun?

The word flip is a verb (flip, flips, flipping, flipped), a noun (as in back flip or an egg flip), and sometimes an adjective (as in a flip remark).

How do you back flip?

first you break your ankle 5 times. then you realise you can't back flip eeeeeezzzzzz

Can Zac Efron do a back flip?

He performed a back-flip off of a sailboat in "Charlie St. Cloud." He also did a back-flip on a bicycle on MTV's Fantasy Factory (video available on the Web)

Is Taylor Lautner double jointed?

He can do a back flip and a front flip.

What is the hardest Tech Deck trick?

360 kick flip laser flip back flip air walk double tri flip kick flip