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Q: How do you Compare the attacking skills of the drive with the dribble in field hockey?
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Do you have to have skills to play soccer?

yes you have to be able to dribble the ball.

Can you give me an examples of basketball skills?

Dribble through your legs

Mention three skills in hockey?

Three skills in hockey are skating, passing, and stick handling. Shooting and goalie skills are a couple more skills in hockey.

Skills and Techniques needed in Field Hockey Describe each skilland how to Complete each skill?

Indian Dribble This is technique is very important for all players on the pitch. To complete an Indian Dribble you must drag the ball to one side and then the other very quickly. This will cause confusion to the defender who you will be able to nip round. To make your dribble more effective, drag the ball a further distance when you perform this technique. Practise bring the ball from one foot to the other or try to do it at the length of a spare hockey stick.

What are some skills in hockey?

Field HockeyStickhandlingHittingSlap ShotSnap ShotWrist ShotDekesAnglingScoringPassingShootingIce Hockey

Skills Frank Lampard can do?

Lampard does not use that many skills in the pitch but he can dribble and when you look at him closely he is an amazing dribbler. Although he's not a Ronaldo or a Messi he is fast, good long distance shooter, can dribble, has good stamina and is an amazing passer. In my opinion the best mid-fielder.

What are the trades and skills of Maryland?

hockey and DOMO!

What is a hockey clinic?

It is when a coach, pro, or experienced in hockey teaches you and improves your skills over sessions. :)

What are the skills and techniques needed in field hockey and how is each completed?

There are too many different skills to list and describe each even briefly. Moreover, many of them cannot be "completed" like a task or set play because they are ongoing actions; this includes things like being aware of players around yourself, knowing where you are on the field and keeping track of the ball as you dribble.

What are four important skills to dribble a basketball?

1. Dribble close to you and close to the ground. 2. Do not take your eye away from your defender; he can steal the ball at any time. 3. Do not try many fancy moves (i.e. behind the back passes) as your chances of retaining the ball are not good.

Why was the Dhyan Chand called wizard of hockey?

Dhyan Chand is known as the wizard of hockey for hos phenomenal dribbling skills and his efforts

What sport is harder Baseball or ice hockey?

Ice hockey, by virtue of requiring good skating skills at the same time as dribbling a puck.