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It has a ten tonne weight in it

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Q: How do they pass the football underwater in underwater football?
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What is longest pass in football?

The longest football pass ever recorded was about 103 yards.

How do i pass the underwater in kingdom heart 2?

you realy dont have to pass it. you must complete all of the musicals

What is A pass that is not caught in football?

An incomplete pass

On a forward pass can the football hit the ground and still be complete in Canadian football?

No, it is ruled an incomplete pass

Who invented the forward pass in football?

The forward pass was originated in a college football rules change in 1906. Bradbury Robinson gets the credit for throwing the first legal forward pass in a football game.

What is a high paying dangerous job?

* underwater welder * football player

What pass is the most accurate pass in football?

The spiral pass is the most accurate.

The basic pass used in a game of football?

instep pass

What are th passes in football?

Ground pass and lob pass

What are the 2 passes in football?

forward pass and lateral pass

Shortest forward pass in the NFL?

In American football and Canadian football a lateral pass or lateral (officially backward A lateral pass is distinguished from a forward pass, in which the ball is after taking the snap, to quickly transfer. The Canada football is not the NFL. That's what I asked.

What is the mechanical energy of a football during a pass?

During a pass, a football's mechanical energy is potential energy. Mechanical energy is "potential" for any object in motion that is not moving itself (the football is displaced by the player).

What is a backward pass?

In American football, a backward pass is a pass thrown backwards instead of forwards.

Which pass is considered to be the most accurate pass in football?

the inside of your foot

How do you get free online pass for ncaa football 12?

Pass is not free

What do you call a football pass thrown behind scrimmage?

Screen Pass

Out of bounds pass in football?

In American Football, if a player has one foot out of bounds when he catches the football, he is out of bounds. If he has is in bounds when he catches the football then he caught it and it is a completed catch. If the player goes out of bounds and comes back in bounds and catches the football it is still an incomplete pass. However, if he was knocked out of bounds or if the ball was tipped, it may be a completed pass. The rules keep changing at all levels of the game.

When was the forward pass legalized?

The forward pass was legalized in pro football in 1906.

What is a sideways football pass?


Baseball is to inning as football is to?


What is the function of a football?

The football is used to play a sport called football. You can catch,kick,hold, and pass also.

What is the opposite of pass?

The opposite of pass (in scoring) is fail. The opposite of pass (football) is a run. The opposite of pass (pass up, skip) would be to attend or observe. The opposite of pass (pass in a vehicle) would be to stay behind, or to follow.

Where was the first forward pass used in football?

First coach of famous football team of Notre Dame was playing football on a beach of what is now the famous amusement park, Cedar Point. When the idea struck him to not just simply pass the pig skin, but to throw it. Thus the forward pass was born.

Who has the best distance football throw?

What is the Distance a longest pass in football has ever been? What is the average college quarterback's pass? Is there an actual record book on this type of question?

What does comps mean in football?

Pass Completions