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The referee is the person who determines how long is given. When a player is injured or a substitution is made, he just keeps a wee eye on his watch and at the end of the half is adds the time on.

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Q: How do they determine stoppage time in soccer?
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In soccer what is the final minute called?

Stoppage Time

Is there stoppage time for first half of soccer match?

Yes if there was time wasted

Name for the final minutes in a soccer game?

It is called stoppage time.Or added time.

Can time be added on to the 90 minute play in Women's Soccer?

If the referee deems it necessary, he or she can add time for stoppage.

How much time played in soccer?

Two 45 minute halves plus stoppage time at the digression of the head official.

Is there a name for the time a soccer ref can add to a match?

There isn't an official name, but it's often called added time or stoppage time.

Can substitutes be made at any time without stopping play in soccer?

No. Substitutions may only be made during a stoppage and with the referee's permission.

How long is each play time in soccer?

There are two halfs, each of 45 minutes length, plus stoppage time at the end of each half which is usually 1-4 minutes. If there is extra time, there is another two halfs, each of 15 minutes length, plus stoppage time. The penalties if there is still a tie.

What is the remedial action for the M4 carbine?

The continuing effort to determine the cause of a stoppage or malfunction and to try to clear the stoppage once it has been identified

What is the homophone for a stoppage for a time?

The word "time" has the homophone "thyme" (a herb) and a "pause" (short stoppage) has the homophone "paws."

What is the most stoppage time ever added to a football match?

None. The clock stops for injuries. Unlike soccer.

How long is a time period in World Cup Soccer?

A half or period is 45 minutes with additional minutes added for stoppage. Which can make a period up to 50 or more minutes.